Jewelry & Watch Appraisal – What To Look For


As an online jewelry and watch appraisal destination, we often get questions about what we need from our customers before evaluating a piece. Likewise, many of our customers don’t know what to expect when they reach out for this service. We’ve compiled a brief list of what you can expect to need from a jeweler, and what your jeweler will … Read More

Engraving: Cost & Other Things To Consider


Our online engraving services are very popular with people across the country who have things that need a little personal touch. From ring bands, pendants all the way to watch cases, trophies, knives and bowling balls we have seen it all. Many of these customers have thought long and hard about what they want their jewelry or watches to say, … Read More

Standard Repair Timelines & Exceptions

So you found the site and want to send us a piece of jewelry or a watch to get repaired – great! But maybe you have an event coming up, or you just want to know when your prized possession will be back in your hands. Either way, you most likely want some more details before you submit a request … Read More

Metal Work, Engraving, & Appraisal Terms Explained

jewelry repair items explained

A few of our customers wanted a better understanding of the jewelry repair terms we use to define our Metal work, Engraving and Appraisal products. Here is a breakdown by category: Metal/Soldering Work Terms Broken bail – repairing or replacing the part of a charm or pendant that connects it to a chain. Broken post – repairing or replacing the part of … Read More

Watch Repair and Jewelry Maintenance Terms Explained

jewelry repair items explained

In today’s post, we’re going to continue on with our discussion on the different repair types offered, focusing on our watch repair and other repair categories. Battery replacement – changing a dead battery in a watch by removing the old one and putting in a new, working battery Pressure test – testing a waterproof watch to determine the water resistance … Read More

Ring Repair and Jewelry Maintenance Terms Explained

jewelry repair items explained

We figured out that our customers are having difficulty figuring out what category their repair would fall into.  For example, they know that a prong is broken, but don’t know the difference between getting a prong retipped vs getting a prong rebuilt. Our goal is to make our repair types as transparent as possible for our followers.  So this week, we … Read More

How to Care for Your Diamond Jewelry


Whether you just got engaged or have a pair of diamond earrings that have been in the family for generations, one thing we all have in common is the desire to care for our beautiful diamond designs.  But how do you make sure you are properly caring for or cleaning your items to ensure they keep on sparkling? At Quick … Read More

Estate Adventures: Questions to Ask Before Buying Anything


So you’re out shopping and you come across a gorgeous estate piece of jewelry.  But with so many sellers out there, how do you know if this item is actually worth the price or if you are being scammed? Here are some questions you can ask before buying estate or vintage jewelry to ensure you’re making a wise purchase. Questions … Read More

All About Opal


There is a very wide variety of opal types out there in the gemstone world (and even in outer space!) Today we want to go through some of the types of opal you might come across and what makes each one unique. Boulder Opal – This is one of our favorite types of opal because it has such a unique look. … Read More