Our various appraisal services provides you with many different ways to find out the full picture of your items.

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Jewelry Appraisal Document

Starting from $75

Fine Jewelry Appraisals We offer appraisals for anyone looking to understand their jewelry better. Our team of licensed gemologists will provide an accurate assessment of your piece, whether you’re looking...

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Loose Gemstone Appraisal

Starting from $75

Loose Stone Jewelry Appraisal We offer appraisals for collectors, connoisseurs, crafters, and anyone else who might happen to come by a loose gemstone. Our team of licensed gemologists will provide...

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Pressure Test

Starting from $175

Watch Pressure Test A watch pressure test determines if the seals, which keep the water out, are working correctly. We recommend a professional pressure test to safeguard against faulty seals,...

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Watch Appraisal Document

Starting from $85

Get Your Watch Appraised Safe and Securely by Mail Whether you’re a longtime vintage watch collector or just looking to learn more about the history of a timepiece in your...

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Metal Testing

Starting from $10

Curious about what metal your jewelry is made out of? No problem! You can easily find out with our industry-grade metal testing service, provided by a master jeweler with over...

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