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Earring Back Conversion

Replace or convert your earring backs Have a pair of studs that would make better drop earrings? Or do you just feel so much more secure with screw backs on? Whatever the reason, consider converting an existing pair of earrings to match your personal style. Our covert earring back service allows you to modify an existing pair of post back earrings by swapping it for one from our comprehensive selection...

Starting from $30

Custom Made Jewelry Estimate

Bring your idea to life with a custom made piece of jewelry. Have you ever lost an earring and wish you had an exact match? Saw a ring that caught your eye but can’t find it online? Consider our custom creation/replication service! It’s a simple process and gives you the freedom to decide what your specific piece needs and how you want it to look. The process begins by providing...

Starting from $10

3D Design Rendering (CAD File)

3D Jewelry Rendering Service - Create the perfect piece Lost a piece of jewelry and want to recreate it? Have an idea in mind but can't make it come to life without some professional help? Consider placing a custom creation order with us for an industry-grade 3D Computer Animated Design (CAD). This 3D model is a computer design of your jewelry and can be used to create a wax replica...

Starting from $150

Remove Watch Links

Watch Link Removal Service The perfect watch deserves the perfect fit. If you have a watch that fits too loose on your wrist, you’ll want to look into having a couple of links removed from the band. Our remove watch link service extracts the number of links specified at checkout, so you can get that perfect fit you’re after. Please fill out the form and required image details above when...

Starting from $0