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Ring Sizing Down Service

Make your ring smaller Get your ring fitting just right with our seamless mail-in resizing service. From wedding bands to class rings, our jewelers have the expertise necessary to assess your unique piece and increase it up to any size with precision. Our ring resizing up service accommodates a wide range of base metals and styles, adjusting to any size, including half and quarter sizes. Please fill out the form...

Starting from $40 🔥 Popular

Chain Repair/Soldering

Jewelry Chain Repair From snagging on sweaters to getting yanked by a curious toddler, our chain jewelry goes through a lot! Breaks happen. But whether you have a broken chain necklace or need to fix a chain bracelet, it doesn't have to mean the end of your favorite piece. Our jewelry chain repair service comprises careful metal soldering that reconnects chain links of all kinds back together for a seamless...

Starting from $25 🔥 Popular

Ring Sizing Up Service

Make your ring larger for the perfect fit Get your tight rings fitting just right with our seamless mail-in resizing service. From wedding bands to class rings, our jewelers have the expertise necessary to assess your unique piece and increase it up to any size with precision. Our ring resizing up service accommodates a wide range of base metals and styles, adjusting to any size, including half and quarter sizes....

Starting from $40 🔥 Popular

Ring Engraving

Personalize your ring using our mail in engraving service Transform any ordinary ring into one that’s entirely unique-to-you with a custom engraving. Whether it’s a wedding ring or a family keepsake, we’ll work with you to ensure your personalized vision comes to life! Our ring engraving service accommodates a broad range of styles and base metals (silver, gold, platinum, tungsten, stainless steel, titanium, cobalt, ceramic carbide and even wood), with the...

Starting from $35 🔥 Popular
gold-plating-service (prod)

Gold Plating (Electroplating)

Gold Plating Service Gold electroplating is the process of electrically plating gold onto a base metal, which gives your jewelry a bright sunny color! It’s a cost-effective way to transform your jewelry, whether the original plating is wearing away or you just want to give a tired piece a new look. Our gold electroplating service accommodates jewelry of all types. To note, plating is commonly measured by microns. For the...

Starting from $45 🔥 Popular
watch-battery-replacement (prod)

Watch Battery Replacement

Watch battery replacement service by mail When your watch stops working, most likely, a dead battery is to blame. Fortunately, our online mail-in service makes it easy to get your watch back up and running in no time. Our watch replacement service can accommodate most watch brands, including vintage watches! Just let us know what brand your watch is, and we’ll get to work sourcing the correct battery replacement. Please...

Starting from $20 🔥 Popular

Watch Crystal Replacement

Watch Crystal Repair The term “watch crystal” refers to the clear cover over the watch face, a misleading title considering the cover is usually made out of either plastic, glass, or synthetic sapphire. Regardless of the material, a damaged cover can ruin the aesthetic of your favorite timepiece, or even render it unusable. Our watch crystal replacement service removes the broken or scratched cover and replaces it with a new...

Starting from $55 🔥 Popular

Jewelry Spa Service

Take your jewelry to the spa We all need T-L-C sometimes and so does our jewelry. Even the finest jewelry will lose its luster over time. But not to worry! Routine jewelry maintenance and inspection is the best way to prevent expensive future repairs and ensure your favorite pieces are ready-to-wear for years to come. That’s why we've bundled three of our most popular jewelry maintenance offerings into one, all-encompassing...

Starting from $44 🔥 Popular

Custom Made Jewelry Estimate

Bring your idea to life with a custom made piece of jewelry. Have you ever lost an earring and wish you had an exact match? Saw a ring that caught your eye but can’t find it online? Consider our custom creation/replication service! It’s a simple process and gives you the freedom to decide what your specific piece needs and how you want it to look. The process begins by providing...

Starting from $10 🔥 Popular

Ring Repair


Ring Unsoldering Service

Most rings can be unsoldered If two or more of your rings are soldered together and you’d rather wear them independently, take advantage of our ring unsoldering services! We’ll delicately separate your soldered rings so that you can highlight each ring one at a time, or mix and match them to suit your mood, your style, or your outfit of the day. Ring unsoldering starts at $40, depending on the...

Starting from $45

Ring Soldering Service

Ring Soldering - When two (or more) rings become one If you regularly wear both your engagement ring and wedding band, you might want to consider soldering the two rings together! Soldering your rings will prevent annoying slippage, improve the overall fit, and reduce natural wear and tear on both rings over time. This service provides the option to seamlessly solder two or more rings together into one seamless, beautiful...

Starting from $47

Ring Reshaping

Repair Your Ring to It's Original State Our best-loved rings endure a lot of natural wear and tear. If your favorite ring isn’t fitting quite right or the band is looking a little bent out of shape (literally), get it to a specialist! Our ring reshaping service returns your ring to its original state by slipping the piece onto a mandrel and hammering back into a circular design. Please fill...

Starting from $33

Ring Shank Repair

Full Shank and Half Replacement The shank is the lower portion of a ring that goes around the finger, often referred to as the band. With regular wear, even the most durable types of metal will break down over time, causing the shank to grow thin and potentially crack or snap entirely. Our ring shank repair service restores rings back to their original state by soldering metal to the existing...

Starting from $45

Prong Rebuilding Service

Prong replacement service The most common type of jewelry setting, prong settings consist of tiny pieces of metal that bend up and over the crystal or gemstone to keep it in place. These beautiful but delicate settings are susceptible to erosion and breaking, which dramatically increases the chance of losing a stone. Our prong rebuilding service adds metal to the site of the damaged prongs to effectively restore the original...

Starting from $29

Prong Retipping Service

Prong Repair One of the most common type of jewelry setting, prong settings consist of tiny pieces of metal that bend up and over the crystal or gemstone to keep it in place. Constant friction between the stone and the setting gradually wears down the prongs over time, meaning that even the finest jewelry will need prong repairs at some point in its lifecycle. Our prong re-tipping service adds metal...

Starting from $29.00

Soldering Work


Earring Back Conversion

Replace or convert your earring backs Have a pair of studs that would make better drop earrings? Or do you just feel so much more secure with screw backs on? Whatever the reason, consider converting an existing pair of earrings to match your personal style. Our covert earring back service allows you to modify an existing pair of post back earrings by swapping it for one from our comprehensive selection...

Starting from $35

Earring Back Soldering

Earring Post Replacement Service A pair of earrings cannot be worn without the proper posts, or the metal pieces that are inserted inside the earlobe. If one or both of your earring posts break off and are lost, this is the right service for you. Our earring post back service repairs, restores and/or replaces missing, damaged or worn earring posts. If you’re also in need of a pair of earring...

Starting from $30

Clasp Repair/Replacement

Fix or Replace a Broken Necklace Clasp The clasp (a.k.a. the lock) is the mechanism on your necklace or bracelet that closes the piece. This high-touch area is susceptible to damage, resulting in locks that can become loose or even break over time. Our clasp repair and replacement service is able to fix or supply lock types of all kinds (including lobst, returning your jewelry to a secure, wearable condition....

Starting from $48

Chain Lengthening Service

Chain Lengthening Service Do you have the perfect chain that could be just a little bit longer? Or maybe you’ve had to stop wearing your favorite necklaces because they no longer fit. Having a necklace that’s too short is no fun at all. Fortunately our chain lengthening service is a great solution to increase the length of your necklaces and get your style back on track. The service works for...

Starting from $34

Shorten/Resize Chain

Adjust Chain Length Do you have a necklace that’s too long or a bracelet that’s falling off your wrist? Though the process differs somewhat based on the complexity of the chain, the basic principle of removing the unwanted section and reattaching the clasp remains the same no matter what chain you wish to shorten. Our chain shortening service adjusts the chain of your piece to the exact length specified, ensuring...

Starting from $44

Replacement Parts


Watch Stem & Crown Replacement

Watch Stem and Crown Replacement The knob on your watch’s side is called the crown, and the little stick that allows the knob to insert into your watch is called the stem. The crown and stem make up the mechanism that manipulates the watch face. Though watches are designed to be relatively durable, the crown and stem are particularly susceptible to damage. Our stem and crown replacement service works to...

Starting from $55

Bail Repair And Replacement

Necklace Bail Replacement A necklace’s bail (pronounced bale) is the small metal loop at the top of a pendant or charm that attaches it to the chain. The tiny, oft-overlooked piece endures a lot of routine wear and is intimately crucial to preserving your favorite pendant’s look and feel. Our bail repair and replacement service can fix any broken bails you have or add entirely new bails to virtually any...

Starting from $34

Repair/Replace Jump Ring

Jewelry Chain Repair A jump ring is a small loop, typically located at the chain’s ends, used for bails, chain extensions, clasps, and charms. Prone to damage, a broken jump ring is a common culprit of a snapped chain. Our jump ring repair service mends and replaces any damaged jump rings so you can get back to wearing your favorite necklace or bracelet with confidence. Please fill out the form...

Starting from $34

Hinge Repair

Fix a Broken Hinge The hinge is the tiny mechanism on certain bracelets, rings, and more that allows you to open and close the jewelry for on-and-off ease. A damaged hinge can go from making a piece hard to get on to making it unwearable fast! Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Our hinge repair service will have your jewelry back in a wearable condition in no time. Our team of...

Starting from $45

Watch Band Repair/Replacement

Watch Band Repair What’s a watch without a band? Unwearable, but not for long! Our team will work with you to build your watch strap back even better than before. Our watch band replacem service will promptly mend or replace any watch band, whether it’s torn and worn or you’re just looking to revamp the look of a special timepiece. Please fill out the form and required image details above...

Starting from $45

Cleaning and Restoration


Gemstone Polishing Service

Gemstone Polishing Service Stone polishing is the process of buffing the surface of a stone to remove scratches. Stone polishing starts at $50 and may increase depending on the type of stone and the work required. Turnaround time ranges from 1 to 2 weeks, if the lapidary needs to spend more time on the gem we will reach out and let you know.

Starting from $55

Jewelry Polishing

Jewelry cleaning and polishing service Well-loved jewelry will inevitably start to lose its luster over time. Luckily, for most kinds of metal jewelry, there’s a way to turn back the clock. Our jewelry polishing service buffs out scratches and other signs of wear, leaving your jewelry sparkling and looking like new. Please fill out the form and required image details above when placing your order. We will reach out if...

Starting from $26

Jewelry Untangling Service

Professional necklace (and jewelry) untangler at your service Jewelry is quick to tangle if it’s not stored properly. Even if it is, necklaces and bracelets can get twisted just by wearing them layered, meaning most of us will experience pesky tangled jewelry at some point. Our chain untangling service brings the practiced hands of our jewelers to your every knotted chain and tangled cluster of jewelry. Pricing is $17.50 per...

Starting from $0

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium Plating + Polishing Service Rhodium plating (a.k.a. rhodium dipping) is a cost-effective way to inject dull and discolored jewelry pieces with new life! This service also includes polishing as that is required before the rhodium plating can be applied. The strong, silvery metal is applied through electroplating, which binds one metal to another using an electric current. Our rhodium plating service accommodates base metals of all kinds, increasing the...

Starting from $69

Pearl/Bead Restringing Service

Restring Pearls or Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets Pearl and bead necklaces and bracelets are a timeless, yet delicate jewelry box staple with strings that gradually weaken over time. If your pearls look unevenly spaced or the string has snapped entirely, it’s time to restring your piece. Our pearl restringing service replaces the old string on your necklace or bracelet with a new one. Our jewelers are experienced in a variety...

Starting from $15.00

Jewelry Enamel Repair

Enamel Jewelry Repair & Restoration Enameling is the process of applying colored glass powder to the jewelry’s surface. Whether you’re looking to repair a vintage find or change the look of a favorite piece, it’s a simple way to add bold color to your jewelry assortment. Our jewelry enamel repair service accommodates new applications and enamel repair. Just let us know where on your jewelry you want the enamel applied...

Starting from $33.50

Remove Watch Links

Watch Link Removal Service The perfect watch deserves the perfect fit. If you have a watch that fits too loose on your wrist, you’ll want to look into having a couple of links removed from the band. Our remove watch link service extracts those extra links you can get that perfect fit. Please fill out the form and required image details above when placing your order. We will reach out...

Starting from $20

Watch Cleaning & Polishing

Watch Refinishing Unsightly as they seem, dents and scratches are signs of a watch with a history all its own. This is no reason to retire your favorite watch! Send it our way, and we’ll have your old watch looking like new in no time. Our band and case refinishing service removes imperfections by polishing, brushing, and finishing your watch’s exterior. We also offer watch re-plating, but please note that...

Starting from $125

Watch Overhaul Service

Overhaul Service For Mechanical and Quartz Watches Much like any piece of machinery, mechanical watches require routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If your watch is constantly losing time or is showing signs of damage, it might be time to check what’s going on with your watch under the hood. Our watch overhaul service is a complex procedure that carefully examines your watch mechanisms for signs of damage while...

Starting from $255

Stones and Setting


Gemstone Replacement Service

Stone Sourcing and Replacement Service The stone is the focal point of your jewelry, and one of the areas most susceptible to damage. Whether you've lost a stone on your favorite ring or want to swap the gem on an old pendant out for something new, we've got you covered. Our stone replacement service encompasses every step of the process, from sourcing the stone of your dreams to ensuring the...

Starting from $35

Gemstone Setting Service

Stone Setting Service No one wants to look down at their jewelry and see an empty setting. Though it can feel like the end of your favorite piece, this routine repair will reunite your gem with your jewelry in no time. Our gemstone setting service returns the stone you provide us (or one we source for you) back to its original setting so you can get back to wearing your...

Starting from $35
diamond came out of ring

Diamond Setting Service

Diamond replacement made easy Having a diamond fall out doesn’t have to mean the end of your favorite piece! From rings to necklaces and everything in between, our expert jewelers will securely set your loose diamond back where it belongs. Our diamond setting service covers the labor cost of setting a diamond you provide us. The price is based off the size of your diamond: Side stones (.001 - .5...

Starting from $5

Stone Tightening

Tighten loose stones Constant friction between the stone and its setting causes each component to wear down gradually over time. This can result in the rocks on your jewelry coming loose. If one or multiple of the stones on a favorite piece feels wobbly, don’t wait or risk losing the gemstone entirely! Our stone tightening service covers the inspection and tightening of up to eight side stones or one center...

Starting from $50



Jewelry Appraisal Document

Fine Jewelry Appraisals We offer appraisals for anyone looking to understand their jewelry better. Our team of licensed gemologists will provide an accurate assessment of your piece, whether you’re looking to sell off some vintage finds or insure your favorite pieces. Our jewelry appraisal service includes a trifold appraisal document that provides an official evaluation of your jewelry including the estimated retail value. Please fill out the form and required...

Starting from $80

Watch Pressure Test

See how deep your watch can go A watch pressure test determines if the seals, which keep the water out, are working correctly. We recommend a professional pressure test to safeguard against faulty seals, which are crucial in protecting the inside of your watch from damaging moisture and dirt. Our pressure test service safely and effectively measures the water-resistance of your watch. Just let us know the brand at check...

Starting from $175
watch repairs

Watch Appraisal Document

Get Your Watch Appraised Safe and Securely by Mail Whether you’re a longtime vintage watch collector or just looking to learn more about the history of a timepiece in your collection, our team of veteran jewelers will provide you with an accurate assessment of your watch’s financial and historical value.  Our watch appraisal service will answer all your questions about your watch’s worth. Be sure to provide as many details...

Starting from $90

Metal Testing

Curious about what metal your jewelry is made out of? No problem! You can easily find out with our industry-grade metal testing service, provided by a master jeweler with over thirty years of experience. We use a jewelry acid test to figure out the metal content: 1. We rub the jewelry onto a black porcelain tile to create a streak (it doesn't hurt the jewelry at all!) 2. We apply...

Starting from $15