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Chain Repair/Soldering

Starting from $20

Jewelry Chain Repair From snagging on sweaters to getting yanked by a curious toddler, our chain jewelry goes through a lot! Breaks happen. But whether you have a broken chain...

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Earring Back Conversion

Starting from $30

Replace or convert your earring backs Have a pair of studs that would make better drop earrings? Or do you just feel so much more secure with screw backs on?...

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Earring Back Soldering

Starting from $25

Earring Post Replacement Service A pair of earrings cannot be worn without the proper posts, or the metal pieces that are inserted inside the earlobe. If one or both of...

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Clasp Repair/Replacement

Starting from $43

Fix or Replace a Broken Necklace Clasp The clasp (a.k.a. the lock) is the mechanism on your necklace or bracelet that closes the piece. This high-touch area is susceptible to...

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Solder Rings Together

Starting from $42

Ring Soldering - When two (or more) rings become one If you regularly wear both your engagement ring and wedding band, you might want to consider soldering the two rings...

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Lengthen Chain

Starting from $29

Chain Lengthening Service Do you have the perfect chain that could be just a little bit longer? Or maybe you’ve had to stop wearing your favorite necklaces because they no...

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Shorten/Resize Chain

Starting from $29

Adjust Chain Length Do you have a necklace that’s too long or a bracelet that’s falling off your wrist? Though the process differs somewhat based on the complexity of the...

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