Your favorite pieces deserve a little TLC! Polishing, plating, refinishing, restoring, restringing, tightening, untangling, steam cleaning… There are countless ways to treat your jewelry right. Or cover all the bases with our jewelry spa service! If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Cleaning and Restoration Repair Services

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Cleaning and Restoration


Gemstone Polishing Service

Gemstone Polishing Service Stone polishing is the process of buffing the surface of a stone to remove scratches. Stone polishing starts at $50 and may increase depending on the type of stone and the work required. Turnaround time ranges from 1 to 2 weeks, if the lapidary needs to spend more time on the gem we will reach out and let you know.

Starting from $55

Gold Plating (Electroplating)

Gold Plating Service Gold electroplating is the process of electrically plating gold onto a base metal, which gives your jewelry a bright sunny color! It’s a cost-effective way to transform your jewelry, whether the original plating is wearing away or you just want to give a tired piece a new look. Our gold electroplating service accommodates jewelry of all types. To note, plating is commonly measured by microns. For the...

Starting from $45 🔥 Popular

Jewelry Polishing

Jewelry cleaning and polishing service Well-loved jewelry will inevitably start to lose its luster over time. Luckily, for most kinds of metal jewelry, there’s a way to turn back the clock. Our jewelry polishing service buffs out scratches and other signs of wear, leaving your jewelry sparkling and looking like new. Please fill out the form and required image details above when placing your order. We will reach out if...

Starting from $26

Untangle Item(s)

Professional necklace untangler at your service Jewelry is quick to tangle if it’s not stored properly. Even if it is, necklaces and bracelets can get twisted just by wearing them layered, meaning most of us will experience pesky tangled jewelry at some point. Our chain untangling service brings the practiced hands of our jewelers to your every knotted chain and tangled cluster of jewelry. Pricing is $17.50 per item. Please...

Starting from $0
watch repairs

Watch Battery Replacement

Watch battery replacement service by mail When your watch stops working, most likely, a dead battery is to blame. Fortunately, our online mail-in service makes it easy to get your watch back up and running in no time. Our watch replacement service can accommodate most watch brands, including vintage watches! Just let us know what brand your watch is, and we’ll get to work sourcing the correct battery replacement. Please...

Starting from $15 🔥 Popular

Rhodium Plating

White Gold Plating Service Rhodium plating (a.k.a. rhodium dipping) is a cost-effective way to inject dull and discolored jewelry pieces with new life! The strong, silvery metal is applied through electroplating, which binds one metal to another using an electric current. Our rhodium plating service accommodates base metals of all kinds, increasing the luster and durability of your jewelry. It can also be used to change the color of a...

Starting from $49

Jewelry Spa Service

Jewelry Maintenance Even the finest jewelry will lose its luster over time. But don’t worry! Routine jewelry maintenance and inspection is the best way to prevent expensive future repairs and ensure your favorite pieces are ready-to-wear for years to come. That’s why we've bundled three of our most popular jewelry maintenance offerings into one, all-encompassing jewelry spa service that combines professional steam cleaning, stone tightening, and polishing. Please fill out...

Starting from $44

Pearl/Bead Restringing Service

Restring Pearls or Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets Pearl and bead necklaces and bracelets are a timeless, yet delicate jewelry box staple with strings that gradually weaken over time. If your pearls look unevenly spaced or the string has snapped entirely, it’s time to restring your piece. Our pearl restringing service replaces the old string on your necklace or bracelet with a new one. Our jewelers are experienced in a variety...

Starting from $15.00

Jewelry Enamel Repair

Enamel Jewelry Repair & Restoration Enameling is the process of applying colored glass powder to the jewelry’s surface. Whether you’re looking to repair a vintage find or change the look of a favorite piece, it’s a simple way to add bold color to your jewelry assortment. Our jewelry enamel repair service accommodates new applications and enamel repair. Just let us know where on your jewelry you want the enamel applied...

Starting from $33.50

Remove Watch Links

Watch Link Removal Service The perfect watch deserves the perfect fit. If you have a watch that fits too loose on your wrist, you’ll want to look into having a couple of links removed from the band. Our remove watch link service extracts those extra links you can get that perfect fit. Please fill out the form and required image details above when placing your order. We will reach out...

Starting from $20
clean overhaul quartz movement

Quartz Movement Overhaul

Quartz Watch Repair Most watches are quartz watches. If your watch is constantly losing time or showing signs of wear and tear damage, its likely due for a complete overhaul to keep your watch running smoothly. Our watchmakers carefully examine your watch’s internal mechanisms for signs of damage while fixing any faulty parts. Additionally we can also source watch parts directly from the manufacturer so your watch is brought back...

Starting from $250
band and case watch refinishing

Watch Cleaning & Polishing

Watch Refinishing Unsightly as they seem, dents and scratches are signs of a watch with a history all its own. This is no reason to retire your favorite watch! Send it our way, and we’ll have your old watch looking like new in no time. Our band and case refinishing service removes imperfections by polishing, brushing, and finishing your watch’s exterior. We also offer watch re-plating, but please note that...

Starting from $125
clean overhaul watch mechanical movement

Mechanical Movement Overhaul

Watch Overhaul Service For Watches with Mechanical Movements Much like any piece of machinery, mechanical watches require routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If your watch is constantly losing time or is showing signs of damage, it might be time to check what’s going on with your watch under the hood. Our mechanical movement service is a complex procedure that carefully examines your watch mechanisms for signs of damage...

Starting from $255