Where You Should Take Off Your Jewelry But Probably Don’t!


When you buy that really nice piece of jewelry (it doesn’t have to be that expensive!), you always say “I’m really going to take good care of this one” – but then after 6 months to a year, it starts to turn and we have no idea why! Don’t Worry, we ALL do it! Read below for the places you … Read More

What Decade Does Your Jewelry Box Belong To?


It’s no secret that jewelry means something different to everybody, different every year, and there is no one right way to wear it. So the question is which decade does your jewelry box belong to? Read below to find out more on jewelry through the decades!   1920’s- “The Great Gatsby” Everybody was smearing themselves in Art-Deco styled luxury. Due … Read More

How to Tell the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver

How to Tell the Difference Between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

“Is there even a difference? I thought they were the same!” It is almost rare to find someone who knows the difference now, but after reading this article- you will be able to say you are that one step closer to understanding the similarities and differences between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver! Silver has been used for thousands of years … Read More

How Do I Pick the Right Engagement Ring?

Picking the Right Engagement Ring

Buying a ring for a fiancee is quite the momentous occasion, both psychologically and perhaps monetarily. Traditionally, engagement rings are given to the woman where the groom-to-be should needs to be mindful of her preferences. A hard choice, there is much to think when picking out an engagement ring. Below, we are shedding light on this topic, offering some tips … Read More

What is the Meaning of Different Types of Birthstones? 

different types of birthstones Amethyst

A person’s birthstone is assigned to them by their month of birth. Each birthstone is thought to be lucky, and is thought to convey certain benefits to the wearer. Each stone has its own significance and meaning. When you discover the meaning of your birthstone, you will have a new insight into your birth month and recognize its special significance … Read More

Give Mom the Gift of a Jewelry Repair this Mother’s Day

Moms do everything for everyone in their lives. And while we are all about appreciating our mamas throughout the year, it’s nice to pamper them on Mother’s Day to show them how much we really care. This Mother’s Day, Quick Jewelry Repairs is helping to spread the love through our first-ever Mother’s Day Contest! In this contest, we will be … Read More

What is Rose Gold Really Made Of?

understanding rose gold

Rose gold is a beautiful, romantic take on the traditional yellow gold that seems to be the most common choice when it comes to fine jewelry. Where traditional gold is a rich yellow and white gold is a more silvery-white, rose gold can be anything from a soft pink color to a deeper red. This color is a nice variation … Read More

What You Should Know Before You Resell Your Jewelry

resell your jewelry tips and advice

There are a lot of reasons you might want to resell your jewerly. Maybe your jewelry box has become a huge mess full of pieces you never wear and even remember that you have. Or maybe you’re looking for a little extra cash around the holidays. Maybe you have just accepted that some pieces you own are simply not your … Read More

How Can You Really Tell the Value of Your Jewelry?

How can you understand the value of your jewelry?

It can be tricky to truly know the monetary value of your jewelry. A piece that you assume costs next to nothing can be highly valuable, while another piece that looks expensive or that you treasure dearly may have no value at all. Simple jewelry can be pricey, while flashy jewelry can be value-less. If you have a piece of … Read More

What Were Some Pieces of Early Man Jewelry?

these are some of the pieces of early man jewelry

Did early man really wear jewelry For an archaeologists, prehistoric or cave man jewelry provides a lot of information on how these early people lived. There’s evidence that both Neanderthals and our earliest direct ancestors, home sapiens, made jewelry. They needed weapons or tools, but jewelry must have been very significant or they wouldn’t have spent valuable time creating these primitive … Read More