People Behind The Pieces: Carla’s Antique Rhinestone Earrings


You ever look at some old pieces of jewelry and think; “Wow, I really don’t know what I can do with that?” Well, that’s why jewelry conversion exists- and one of our clients knew exactly what to do with her stuff. A couple of weeks ago, Carla sent us a strange custom order: two vintage rhinestones in their original metal … Read More

Jewelry Conversion: How To Use Old Jewelry To Make New Jewelry


Whether you’re digging through boxes in the attic or rummaging through an estate sale, a piece of jewelry is going to catch your eye… And then you realize it’s a brooch, and you don’t really wear brooches. Or it’s one of those old-timey stickpins that ladies used for their hats, but who wears hats with pins these days? No worries! … Read More

Four Different Types of Gold Jewelry


Gold jewelry is a timeless addition to any wardrobe- the color of gold has been considered attractive since antiquity. Nowadays, there are many ways to obtain the golden aesthetic without going over budget- by buying different types of gold jewelry. But what exactly are you getting? We’re here to give you the rundown about the four types of gold jewelry … Read More

22 & 24K Gold – Is It Worth It?

During the winter months of the year, we find ourselves looking for light in other places…like sparkly diamonds, glittery gems, and sunny gold. But not all gold is created equally sunny…in fact, 22k and 24k gold dominate the jewelry market for the brightest and shiniest color. So why is 22k and 24k gold so difficult to find? There are a … Read More

Why You Should Consider Ring Replication


Rings are easily the most symbolic piece of jewelry you can wear- just look at wedding and engagement rings! But they’re also very easy to lose or damage, or the color of the metal just doesn’t fit your style anymore even though you like the design. What to do? Ring replication can take care of all of those issues.

3 Reasons to Buy Jewelry This Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!! Some of our team members here at QJR are busy celebrating the holiday- with shiny baubles, of course! But whether or not you’re actually celebrating Lunar New Year, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy jewelry during this time. In fact, we highly recommend taking advantage right now- here’s why.

The Process of Gold Plating Jewelry


Gold- who doesn’t love that bright, shimmery color? From Ancient Egypt to Mesoamerican societies, people have been historically fascinated with gold, despite the fact that it was normally reserved for the elite. In 1805, an Italian chemist by the name of Luigi Brugnatelli invented the modern technique of gold plating, and from there everyone was able to hop onto the golden … Read More

Custom Jewelry Creation: The Process


Do any of these situations sound familiar? You walk down the street and then your head turns because you see someone with an amazing bangle. You have a white gold ring you’ve been wearing for a long time, but recently you’ve been more into yellow gold. You’ve been thinking about a certain jewelry design for a while, but you’re not … Read More

People Behind The Pieces: Christine Jackowski’s Four Rings


You know, we really think one of the most rewarding things about our job here at QJR is the sentimentality of our work. It’s all terminology and business when we’re getting your jewelry fixed, but then we learn the stories behind each piece you bring to us (and get a little teary-eyed in the process.) This time was no exception. … Read More