What Causes A Jewelry Allergy?

Jewelry Allergies Having a jewelry allergy can be quite annoying, especially if you really like the piece in question. But what exactly causes the reaction? Read more to find out why jewelry allergies happen and ways to combat them.

5 Interesting Ring Types You Should Consider

horse ring type

5 Ring Types To Consider It’s hard to find another piece of jewelry that’s as expressive as the ring. These simple bands are literally prehistoric in origin, and over the centuries they’ve evolved for different meanings and uses. Of course, the first idea that comes to mind is the classic engagement ring, but there are other ring types out there … Read More

5 Minimalist Jewelry Trends You Need To Know

minimalist jewelry

Minimalist Jewelry Each decade has its signature “look.” The Victorian era favored intricate, romantic designs, while people in the sixties and seventies loved plastic in all its weird, funky colors and shapes. Today, understated, natural elegance seems to be the defining look for the 2010s (if New York Fashion Week is anything to go by.) Take a look at the … Read More

5 Talented Jewelry Designers To Watch In 2018

Summer’s winding down in NYC, and the moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived- New York Fashion Week! We’re in love with this season’s trends for extravagant earrings, minimalist statement pieces, avant-garde shapes, and playful, eye-catching colors. If these jewelry designers are the standard to go by, we’re not alone in our obsession for 2018’s stunning styles. Read more to learn about the latest stars in the jewelry sphere.

Matching Popular Ring Stone Setting Types to Personalities

Types of Stone Settings: Stones are definitely essential when it comes to jewelry, but stone settings are equally important, if not more so. Settings are responsible for securing and displaying the stone in the most attractive way possible, and they come in a beautiful variety of forms- just like people! Read on below to see what style of setting best … Read More

Popular Ring’s Parts Explained!


Do you love your ring? When you take your ring in for repair, do you never understand what they are talking about? Do you even know the different ring parts?   If not, that’s not a problem! You’re not the only ones that get caught up and distracted by the mumbo jumbo language that jewelers speak in. I speak from personal … Read More

Why does my ring finger turn green after I go swimming?


Wearing a ring is a very personal thing. Rings show the world how you want to be seen, they can be sentimental items that you hold dearly or you just might really like the design. Whatever the reason is, rings are prominent and noticed by people the moment they meet you. This is why it can be a little heartbreaking … Read More

6 Ways to keep your jewelry damage-free this 4th of July

Wearing your fancy jewelry is all fun and games until you wreck your favorite pair of earrings because your friend dunked you in the pool and it turns out, now your earrings are damaged. Whether you are wearing a fun beaded necklace, some blinged out rings, or your prized diamond tennis bracelet, jewelry isn’t impervious to damage. And July 4th … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Rings and Wedding Bands


Forget Silver, forget Gold, forget Platinum, there’s a new metal in town! Stainless steel! But what is Stainless steel anyway? Stainless steel is a metal compound of iron, carbon, and chromium. Stainless steel can be used for many different applications such as surgical and medical tools, aerospace applications, and architecture. But it’s also used to make jewelry and because the … Read More

Online Ring Sizing Made Easy!


Buying a ring, whether it is for yourself or for someone else can be a lot of fun! Ring sizing however, can be a big hassle, especially if you get it wrong. There are so many options online on how to size your ring (or ring finger) these days, and it’s natural to have questions like who do I listen … Read More