What to Do With Only One Earring


If you’ve lost an earring and you’re not sure what to do with the remaining one, we have a few solutions for you! Whether it’s converting it into another piece of jewelry or replicating it to make a full pair again, you have options that don’t involve throwing the earring back into the jewelry box. Read on to learn about … Read More

Why You Should Consider Professional Jewelry Cleaning


Feeling like your jewelry’s looking a bit dirty? You’re probably thinking; “I can just give it a good scrub on my own and that’ll get most of the dirt out.” Before you do that, we’re here to stop you from embarking on a potentially disastrous DIY project. Read on to learn more about professional jewelry cleaning and how to properly … Read More

5 Types of Jewelry Engraving Fonts

Engraving’s a great way to add that little extra touch to your favorite piece of jewelry, or a gift for someone special. But have you considered changing up the font of your inscription for a special aesthetic or meaning? Read on to learn more about 5 types of jewelry engraving fonts you can consider.

What Is the Difference Between an Online Jeweler vs. a Local Jeweler?


Jewelry is so precious and personal that it can seem a bit odd to find a jeweler on the internet and ship your items off to them. You might wonder, “Why would I send my item off if I can have it repaired with someone local?” We’re here to shed some light on the jewelry repair process and what differentiates … Read More

Designer Jewelry: How to Repair It


Designer jewelry, or branded jewelry, is a quintessential part of anyone’s wardrobe. After all, you’re wearing a lovely piece that’s associated with a renowned design house- so how exactly do you fix it when it starts falling apart? Read more to learn about designer jewelry repair.

The Definitive Guide to Necklace Chain Replacement


Sometimes old chains just aren’t salvageable, or you’re just not in love with the style of the chain. Whatever the situation is, it’s about time to get the chain replaced. This isn’t a simple process, however; read on to learn more about what you need to know before you get a necklace chain replacement.

The Brooch Repair Field Guide


Brooches and pins can be beautiful and functional ornaments…until they’re broken or out of style. Fortunately, a jeweler can easily fix up a broken brooch or convert a pin into another piece of beautiful jewelry. Read on to learn more about brooch repair.

How to Protect Your Ring Shank After Repair


If you got your ring cut off after an unfortunate trip to the hospital, or you clenched a subway pole a little too hard, you’re probably going to have to get the back of your ring fixed. This part of your ring is called a shank, and the jeweler can fix it up almost like new! However, this doesn’t mean … Read More

How to Set a Bigger Stone in Your Ring

Diamonds and gemstones are everyone’s best friend, and the bigger the better! A lot of our clients reach out to us to see if they can upgrade their existing stone, but it’s not as straightforward of a process as you might think. Here’s what you need to know about how to set a bigger stone in a ring.