Why You Need to Replate White Gold


You might be thinking to yourself; “What? My white gold jewelry is solid gold, why do I have to plate it in anything?” Well, that’s a good question. Take a good long look at your white gold pieces, especially your rings. Are they looking a bit yellow? If they are, then it’s worth your time to read up on why … Read More

4 Spooky Jewelry Designers to Watch for Halloween


As Halloween’s about to come up in (less than!) two weeks, we’re happy to share some of our favorite spooky designers here at Quick Jewelry Repairs! Whether it’s their love for dark, gloomy gunmetal or some creepy crawly designs, each of these talented artists have earned themselves a spot on this list for “best Halloween jewelry designers.” Read more about … Read More

How to Enhance Your Engraving with Color


Engraving is an awesome way to customize your item, but have you considered taking it a step further? There are several ways for you to make that engraving really “pop” and stand out. Read more to learn about enhancing your piece with color engraving.

How to Make Sure Your Gold Plating Lasts Longer


Gold plated jewelry is a wonderful way to get the gold aesthetic without dropping an exorbitant amount of money. But because gold plating is simply a thin plating over the metal of the jewelry, it does wear away over time. We’ve come up with a few tips for you to extend the life of your gold plated jewelry.

5 Ways to Make Dark Jewelry


As part of our month-long Halloween celebration, we’re featuring spooky jewelry articles every Friday! This week we’re taking a look into dark jewelry- the latest jewelry trend that’s appealing to everyone’s inner goth aesthetic. You may be wondering how designers are making dark jewelry. Is it the metal itself? Is there some kind of paint or coating? Learn more about … Read More

The Ring Reshaping Field Guide

Rings are easily the most popular type of jewelry out there! These pretty bits of metal sustain a lot of damage during wear, however; just imagine all of the things your hands come into contact with on a daily basis. From lifting heavy bags of groceries to clutching onto a subway pole, your rings are constantly struggling against all of … Read More

How To Become a Successful Jewelry Seller on Etsy


Maybe you’ve always loved jewelry. Friends and family have always told you to sell your designs online, or trade some of the antique and vintage pieces you collect. And one day, you do it. You hop onto Etsy, that behemoth marketplace for creatives like you- and you’re immediately overwhelmed. Fortunately, you’re not alone! Here’s how to become a successful Etsy … Read More

Jewelry Debate: Channel Set Vs Pavé

Jewelry is an extended part of fashion, and much like fashion it has its furious, everlasting arguments. Aside from the constant bickering back and forth about white gold vs yellow gold vs rose gold, the way stones are set can also cause a lot of debating at the jewelry counter. If you’ve been shopping for a piece of your own, … Read More

How to Identify Mourning and Memento Mori Jewelry

As part of our month-long Halloween celebration, we’ll be featuring spooky blog posts every Friday! This week’s spooky jewelry post is about mourning and memento mori jewelry- a unique style of jewelry that is still highly influential to designers today! Read on to learn how to identify it and why it’s so scarily delicious for any jewelry collector.