7 Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Holidays


It’s the best time of the year because of presents! It’s also the worst time of the year because we have to buy presents. I mean, what does Aunt Jen want anyway? Can we just keep giving her wool scarves? If you’re having thoughts like that for everyone on your list, back up a minute. We’ve come up with some … Read More

Happy Holidays From QJR


This year is coming to an end, and we’d like to raise a toast to our office family, our ugly sweaters, our good friends, and our wonderful customers. During this holiday season, we’d like to thank all of you for your support. Quick Jewelry Repairs could not be what it is today without you, and we only hope to get … Read More

This Black Friday Send Us Your Jewelry Box For a Deep Discount

jewelry box repair

What’s In Your Jewelry Box? Jewelry boxes have been around since the birth of civilization to hold beloved trinkets and other accessories. These boxes came in a variety of shapes and sizes, oftentimes as bejeweled as the items within, but their function remains the same to this day- they protected precious jewelry. With that historical context, do you ever think … Read More

Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold: The Jewelry Debate

yellow gold vs rose gold

Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold Yellow gold is classic and timeless, while rose gold has taken on an image as less conventional yet romantic. The big question is; which one wins in this week’s debate about the best jewelry metal? Read more to find out about the pros and cons of yellow gold vs rose gold. 

Stone Setting: The Process

stone-setting stone-setting-process

Why Stone Setting? Stones can easily fall out of your jewelry after some time, usually due to wear and tear sustained by the setting. If you’re looking to reset your stone, you may be wondering about how the jeweler can fix your item. Read on more to find out about stone setting.

5 Spooky Halloween Jewelry Symbols To Check Out

spooky halloween jewelry

Halloween Jewelry Symbols Along with being the month where tourmaline and opal reign supreme, October is also home to one of our favorite holidays here at Quick Jewelry Repairs: Halloween!  This week, we’re taking a look at five of the best spooky Halloween jewelry symbols featured in designs that we love.

Why Should I Consider Cleaning My Jewelry?

jewelry cleaning

Why should I clean my jewelry? Jewelry is beautiful and sparkly, but only if you keep it that way! In fact, it can even become damaged from the accumulation of icky things from some of the most mundane activities in your life. If you want to protect and keep your jewelry in peak condition, read on to find out why you … Read More

How Can I Fix Plated Jewelry?

gold plated-jewelry

You’re twisting your favorite ring around your finger, and you notice a gleam out of the corner of your eye…the gleam of the metal that’s not the same color as the rest of your ring. Wearing out plated jewelry has become a common issue among jewelry lovers, but fortunately it’s not a difficult problem to fix! Read more to learn … Read More

How Do I Fix A Broken Necklace Chain?

broken necklace chain soldering

Fixing A Broken Necklace Chain It happens so quickly. One moment, your favorite necklace is around your neck, and the next thing you know, the chain’s in pieces because of a sharp tug. We’ve seen a lot of people moan that it’s the end for their jewelry, but that’s definitely not true! Read more to find out about how you … Read More

In This Week: T-Rex Fossil Meteorite Ring + Star Wars Custom Font Engraving

star wars custom font engraving

We’re going to be honest with you guys- we love jewelry and repairing jewelry, but resizing and stone tightening don’t usually make for exciting conversations after work. Engravings, on the other hand, (especially custom font ring engraving) are awesome. Whether it’s something simple and sweet like a date, or a beautiful phrase like “Eternal Love,” we always find ourselves wondering … Read More