5 Unexpected Reasons For Ring Resizing

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Why Ring Resizing Might Be Necessary One day you’re sliding on your favorite ring, and then the next day it’s either falling off or pinching so tightly you think you might need to run to the emergency room to cut it off. If this sounds familiar, you might be wondering why this is happening. Read more to learn about why … Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Old Jewelry

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So, you’ve got an old piece of jewelry you’re not so sure what to do with anymore. Perhaps it’s an old ring you’ve had since forever-ago or maybe you’re looking to upgrade or create a custom piece of jewelry and you need a little kickstarter fund to get going. Selling your old jewelry can be a great way to put … Read More

4 Ways to Find a Reputable Jeweler

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Finding a jeweler is no easy task- after all, you’re looking for a professional who is going to be handling your precious baubles! But how do you avoid all the horror stories about swapping stones and mangled repairs? Read on to learn more about the criteria for finding reputable jewelers. 

The Easiest Ways to Travel with your Jewelry

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The physical act of traveling to reach your destination can be a stressful pain, especially when you’re packing dainty items you care about… Read: precious pieces of your jewelry collection. Necklaces get tangled, earrings lost, a bangle pops out of its pouch and gets separated from the others. We’ve all been there, so here are five hacks to use when … Read More

Redesign Inherited Jewelry: Breathe new life into pieces you’ll want to wear (Part 2)

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If you have jewelry that you’re generally fond of, but something about it isn’t quite right, there can be an uncomplicated solution at hand. There are simple ways to transform pieces from one into another, or even alter certain elements to make it feel more yours. In part one of our series on Inherited Jewelry, we discussed ways you can … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Wholesale Jewelry Repair

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“Can you send me a wholesale jewelry repair price list?” or “What is the mark up with wholesale pricing?” are some of the common questions we get from jewelry and watch businesses who are looking to use a reliable vendor for their repairs. Jewelers, designers, business owners, operations and other professionals are beginning to notice that there’s money to be … Read More