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What to Do with Used Jewelry: How to Donate, Sell, or Redesign Your Pieces

If you love jewelry, you might notice that with every passing season, you accumulate…


Special Occasion Jewelry: How to Accessorize for Weddings, Graduations, and More

Half of the fun of attending a special event is getting dressed. When it…


Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: 9 Creative Ideas

For many couples, engagement rings and wedding bands are symbols of love and commitment.…


Jewelry Photography: How to Take Beautiful Photos of Jewelry for Resale

Reselling your used jewelry online can be a great way to clean out your…

wooden bead men's jewelry bracelet

Beyond Metal: Exploring the World of Non-Metal Jewelry

While metal has been a popular jewelry material choice for ages, there is a…


How to Find Your Own Signature Style Jewelry in 9 Simple Steps

Madonna, Lady Gaga, Audrey Hepburn — style icons throughout history have found signature styles…


Jewelry Cleaning Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

Keeping your jewelry clean is essential to ensure it maintains its shine, luster, and…


From Runway to Real Life: How to Adapt High Fashion Jewelry Trends to Everyday Wear

People often consider high fashion jewelry to be unattainable. It makes sense — many…


Pawn Shop Jewelry: How to Negotiate a Better Pawn Shop Price for Your Jewelry

Pawn shops can be a great resource for people who need quick cash or…