Before and After

Jewelry Spa

Jewelry Polishing

Shine up your jewels and restore them to their original condition.

Jewelry Cleaning

Get the gunk out of your favorite piece and wear it guilt-free!

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Jewelry Plating

Jewelry Plating

Change up the color of your jewelry with gold electroplating or rhodium plating.

Stone Setting & Replacement

Diamond Setting Service

Put those sparkly gems back where they belong with our professional setting service.

Gemstone Setting Service

Diamonds aren't the only gems out there that need a good home- we'll take care of your other stones too.

Ring Repair Services

Ring Soldering Service

It looks irreparable, but there's nothing our jewelers can't fix with a little bit of solder!

Ring Shank Repair Service

The back of your ring is called a shank, and it can be pretty fragile. If it breaks, we can fix or replace it.

Ring Sizing Service

If your rings are too tight or too loose, our jewelers can size them up or down for you.

Earring Repair Services

Earring Post Solder Service

You can't wear your earring without a post! It's a quick fix with our earring solder repair.

Earring Duplication Service

If you lost one of your earrings, we can make a new one to complete your pair.

Earring Jump Ring Repair Service

The jump ring on your earring can break over time. Repair it and wear your earrings without fear of losing the charm.

Jewelry Conversion Service

Convert your jewelry!

Inherited a pin from grandma but you don't wear brooches? Like antique earrings but your ears aren't pierced? Our jewelers are experts at converting items into other types of jewelry. Whether it's a pin to a ring, an earring to a necklace, we can change things up for you.

Necklace Repair Services

Chain Soldering Service

If you can't wear your necklace because it's broken, get the chain fixed via soldering.

Necklace Plating Service

Your necklace's color can wear out over time if it's plated. Make it look like brand new again with your choice of rhodium (silver-colored) or gold plating.

Engraving Services

Engrave Your Jewelry

If you want to personalize a piece of jewelry, this is the service for you. We can engrave necklaces, bracelets, and rings with your choice of font.

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