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Jewelry Repair Cost: What to Expect for Common Repairs

Written by Anna Currell
April 5, 2024

Your favorite chain necklace breaks, the diamond falls out of your ring, or maybe you want to resize a family heirloom bracelet — these things happen all the time. Jewelry gets worn down with daily use, but luckily most damage can be fixed with professional jewelry repair services. If you need to have your jewelry repaired, it’s helpful to understand the average jewelry repair cost so you can plan ahead and budget accordingly. Pricing can vary depending on factors like the complexity of your repair and the materials required, but this jewelry repair cost guide will give you a general idea of what to expect.

Chain Repairs

One of the most common jewelry repairs is reconnecting a broken chain. Prices tend to start around $25 for simple fixes like soldering a ball chain, box chain, or cable chain back together. However, depending on the type of chain, your repair could cost more; snake chains, rope chains, Cuban chains, and tennis bracelets will cost an additional premium due to their more complex designs. The material of the chain will also make a difference in cost — platinum, 18K+ gold, and stainless steel will all increase the price of chain repair. 

necklace chain repair before and after

Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is necessary if you've got a ring that is too loose or tight on your finger. Ring resizing typically starts around $40 — to make a ring larger, metal needs to be added, and the price can vary based on the metal. Sizing up will also cost more for class rings, signet rings, and sets of multiple rings, since there’s more material to work with. Resizing to a smaller size by removing material costs $40 on average, and will likely increase if your base metal is a high karat gold, stainless steel, or platinum because they’re harder to work with. Be sure to measure your finger to get an accurate size before you make changes.

In addition to ring resizing, make it worth the trip and add on some others services to improve your ring, like the following:


A beautiful two-tone ring we resized

Ring Engraving

Custom ring engraving gives your jewelry a personalized touch. Ring engravings usually begin around $35, and your final price will vary depending on the base metal your ring is made of and how much detail you want to have engraved. A ring engraving is a relatively quick process so you should expect a turnaround time of about 3-5 days for most engraving orders. 

When you’re getting a ring engraved, keep in mind that you can also add on other services to get the most out of your jewelry’s time in the shop. Try a jewelry spa service, for example, so you end up with a perfectly cleaned ring in addition to your beautiful new engraving.


Gold Plating 

Gold plating coats your jewelry with a thin layer of gold on top of a base material. It's an affordable way to repair existing plating that has worn away or give a piece of solid metal jewelry a completely new look. Gold plating typically begins at $75, and the price will increase depending on your jewelry’s size and base metal. Another important factor in gold plating pricing is the thickness of the gold layer being applied. For each micron you add, you can expect a price increase. Flash plating (less than 1-micron thick) is a common starting point, but you can have your piece plated in anywhere from 1-4 microns of gold, or sometimes even more.


this silver ring has been gold plated

Watch Battery Replacement

A dead battery is the most common reason to take your watch in for repairs. Battery replacement can cost anywhere between $20-65 depending on watch and battery type. Replacing the battery in a luxury watch will tend to cost more than more affordable watches, and a dual battery will be less expensive than a solar battery. If you’re not sure what your watch needs, don’t hesitate to consult your jeweler for advice. 

watch-battery-replacement (prod)

Jewelry Maintenance

For periodic jewelry maintenance, getting your jewelry thoroughly cleaned and polished will likely start around $45. However, larger, more intricate, or precious metal pieces may cost a bit more to clean due to their delicate and complex nature. It’s a good idea to have your jewelry deep cleaned twice a year to prevent future damage and keep your jewelry shining.


The aquamarine in this rose gold ring needed a good cleaning to show off its original beauty.


When budgeting for jewelry repair, get an upfront quote from your jeweler and ask about fees, turnaround time, and shipping. With the right care and maintenance, your special pieces can last a lifetime. Ready to get your jewelry fixed up? Our team can help. Browse our repair menu for the service you need, and get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

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