Can You Resize a Ring With Engraving?


Engraving a ring is a popular and sentimental way to really make that piece of jewelry special to you. However, it can become a problem when the ring is a little too loose or too tight for your fingers. You might be wondering; how can you resize a ring with engraving on it? Here’s what you need to know.

How Many Sizes Can a Ring Be Resized?


One of the most popular questions we get from our customers; how many ring sizes can you go up or down? The answer isn’t perfectly straightforward, because it depends on several factors. Read on to find out how many sizes can a ring be resized. 

Was Your Holiday Gift The Wrong Size? 5 Ways to Alter Holiday Jewelry Gifts


The holidays might be over, but you can still enjoy your new presents! If you’ve received a new, shiny piece of jewelry or a dazzling timepiece, consider getting it customized to the right fit for you. Or, add an additional little “oomph” to the present by engraving something sentimental. Read on for five creative ideas on how to put that … Read More

4 Ways to Restore a Class Ring


At Quick Jewelry Repairs, we get a lot of class ring repair jobs for sizing and polishing. A recent piece we received, however, was a little different than the rest- it had been very lovingly worn, to the point where it needed extensive work. Read on to learn how we did this particular class ring restoration.

Repairing Costume Jewelry Rings


So you have a ring that you absolutely adore- but honestly, it’s not exactly the most expensive thing in the world. After a long time of lovingly wearing it non-stop, you notice with some dismay that it’s not looking too great. But how are you even going to fix it? After all, all of your local jewelers have looked at … Read More

Can You Resize a Pattern Ring?


If you have a ring with a design going all around it, you might be wondering how on earth you’re going to get it sized. After all, sizing might distort the design, and that’s the whole point of the ring… Fortunately, there are several ways to resize a pattern ring. Read on to learn more!

Palladium Ring Resizing: What You Need to Know


As jewelry becomes more and more accessible to consumers over the Internet, different types of metals have been showing up as alternatives to the standard metals of silver, gold, and platinum. These new metals include titanium, stainless steel, tungsten, and palladium, a relatively new alternative to platinum. However, it can be difficult to find someone willing to resize palladium due … Read More

What You Need to Know About Brass Ring Resizing


Brass is a very common metal used in jewelry nowadays, especially by popular artisans on Etsy and Instagram! While they make for beautiful pieces, it can be difficult to find a jeweler willing to resize them. But why? Read on to learn more about brass ring resizing.

Platinum Ring Resizing: The Process


Platinum rings are wonderful pieces of jewelry; the metal is lustrous and beautiful, without a tendency to turn yellow like white gold. So why is it so difficult and pricey to get them resized? Here’s the full rundown on platinum ring resizing.