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Ring Resizing FAQs: Answers to Common Ring Sizing Questions

Written by Anna Currell
October 30, 2023

Ring resizing is a common request among jewelry wearers. Our fingers change size over time due to aging, weight fluctuation, and changing seasons. A too tight ring is uncomfortable (and can be dangerous) while a too big ring runs the risk of falling off. Having a professional jeweler adjust your ring for a perfect fit will ensure that it remains comfortable and secure. Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions about ring resizing.


Can You Resize a Ring with Diamonds or Gemstones?

Rings with diamonds and gemstones can usually be resized, but the process requires more precision and care than with simple bands. The jeweler will need to pay close attention to the setting holding the gemstones in place. In some cases, prongs may need to be retipped or reshaped after the resizing process to make sure the diamonds or gemstones remain well-secured. Reputable jewelers will have the skills and experience necessary to resize diamond or gemstone rings properly without damaging any of their components.

gift-card rainbow ring resizing

A rainbow ring resized from 5.75 to 6.25

Does Resizing a Ring Damage It?

When done correctly by an experienced, trusted jeweler, resizing should not damage the structural integrity or appearance of a ring. However, as with any jewelry repair or modification, there is always a slight risk that the piece could potentially become damaged during the resizing process. Reputable jewelers will take great care not to harm the setting and will re-tip prongs or tighten any loose stones after the resizing is complete. For extra safety, some gemstones may need to be removed during resizing and then re-set securely.

How Long Does Ring Resizing Take?

Most jewelers can complete a basic ring resizing job within 1-2 weeks. However, if your ring requires more complex work or structural changes, you should be prepared to wait closer to 2 weeks or more. Rings made of stainless steel and platinum might take longer because these metals are more difficult to work with. If you need your ring resized by a certain date (say, for a gift), communicate your timeline to your jeweler upfront so they can set accurate expectations.

How Often Will I Need to Get My Ring Resized?

On average, most people get their rings resized once or twice as their finger sizes change. Weight gain or loss, pregnancy, joint inflammation, and aging are common reasons for ring size fluctuations. To make sure your rings maintain the ideal fit, measure your ring size at home or have a professional jeweler determine your size, and then have your rings adjusted as needed. 


Is There a Size Limit for Ring Resizing? 

There are physical limitations to how much rings can be sized up or down. Most can safely be adjusted up or down between two and three full sizes. However, band width, design intricacy, and metal type can impact the malleability of the ring. Ask your jeweler about your specific ring’s resizing capacity. If you need a dramatic size change that’s more than your ring can handle, they may recommend reproducing the piece in your new size instead.


A beautiful two-tone ring we resized

How Do I Know If My Ring Can Be Resized?

Ask a reputable jeweler to inspect your ring to see if resizing is possible. They will assess the piece, including the band thickness, intricacy of metal work, types of stones, and other factors to determine whether resizing is appropriate or reproduction in another size might work better. More intricate vintage and antique styles may not be ideal candidates for resizing, for example. 

Can Eternity Bands Be Resized? 

Certain types of eternity bands can’t be resized — the continuous row of gemstones makes it difficult to adjust the length. However, three-quarter eternity bands can often be sized down more easily since the break in the gemstones allows metal to be added or removed more easily. Speak to a jeweler about your options if your eternity band feels too loose or too tight, and they can advise you about the best way to adjust your ring.


Ring resizing is a routine jewelry repair that professional jewelers perform regularly. Be sure to clearly communicate your expected timeline and voice any specific concerns you have about your jewelry. Ready to get your ring resized correctly? Our jewelers are excited to help.

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