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Ring Resizing: How Can You Tell If Your Ring is the Right Size?

Written by Anna Currell
October 11, 2023

Rings aren’t just cute accessories — they’re often really meaningful pieces of jewelry, too. Special items like an engagement ring, class ring, or your grandmother’s heirloom wedding band all signify important moments of your life and parts of your past. You want whatever ring you’re wearing to fit just right — not too tight, not too loose. But sometimes, a ring that once fit perfectly might start to feel uncomfortable. Here’s how you can tell if you need a ring resizing.

Watch for Signs that It’s Too Tight

A too-tight ring can cause discomfort and even cut off circulation. Pay attention to signs your ring is too small, like sudden difficulty sliding the ring on and off your finger. If you have to wiggle it on and off or use lotions and soaps, it’s probably too tight. If the ring leaves marks on your skin when you take it off, it’s also probably not a good fit. 

Be sensitive to how your ring makes you feel physically, too; if your finger feels numb, tingly, or cold when you wear the ring, this could indicate that the ring is cutting off your circulation. Similarly, if the area under the ring feels sore or tender, or if your finger looks swollen or puffy around the ring, but not elsewhere, it’s time to get your ring resized. Discomfort from an overly tight ring can also get dangerous; if you continue to wear it, you risk complications like infection, nerve damage, calluses, and even permanent changes to the shape of your finger. Get your ring resized before serious problems develop.

Watch for Signs that It’s Too Loose

A ring that’s too loose introduces a different set of risks. Pay attention to signs your ring is too large, like if the ring shifts and spins freely on your finger or if you have to use your other fingers to keep pushing it back into place. Similarly, if the inside of the ring band doesn’t make contact with your finger all the way around, or if there are gaps where it doesn’t sit flush, this means your ring is too large. A loose ring is more likely to fall off and get lost, which can be painful both emotionally and financially. Get your ring sized down for a more comfortable, secure fit and to protect your ring from getting lost forever.

Know Your Correct Size

You can get a general sense if your ring is the right size without any complex tools; just pay attention to how it feels on your finger. It’s probably the right size if: 

  • The ring slides on and off smoothly without forcing it. 
  • The ring sits snug against your skin all the way around your finger without gaps.
  • The ring isn’t pinching or cutting into your finger at any point around its circumference.
  • Your finger isn’t bulging or changing color under the band or on either side.
  • Your finger looks and feels normal when you wear it; no numbness, marks, or swelling.

If these don’t describe the fit of your ring, it’s time to get it resized. You don’t have to put up with an uncomfortable ring; resizing is a simple repair that improves comfort, avoids complications, and lets you enjoy your jewelry right away.

How to Get Your Ring Resized Properly

Once you’ve realized that your ring is the wrong size, it’s time to get it adjusted to fit properly. Here are the steps you should take for an accurate ring resizing:

Measure your finger

First, it’s important to measure your finger to find your accurate size. All you’ll need is a piece of paper, a pen, and a ruler. Take the strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Make a mark with the pen where the paper overlaps on itself, and then use a ruler to measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the marking. This length (in centimeters) will correspond to a ring size; check a ring sizing chart to find your exact size.


See the professionals

The next step is to have a professional jeweler resize your ring. Once they have your ring, the jeweler will alter the size by cutting the band and inserting or removing small pieces of metal. Then they’ll polish your ring to restore its original luster and shine. Finally, the jeweler will contact you to let you know that your ring is ready. With proper resizing by a skilled jeweler, your ring should once again fit comfortably, look beautiful, and stay put on your fingers without the risk of falling off. Try it on to make sure it’s a perfect fit.


Keeping Your Ring in Good Shape

A ring that fits well is a pleasure to wear. Once your ring is the perfect size, keep it in perfect shape by taking these simple steps:

  • Check the fit regularly and have it resized as needed.
  • Remove the ring before physical activity, especially activities where you use your hands.
  • Never force a tight ring — see a jeweler at the first sign your ring doesn’t fit well. 
  • Take the ring off if your finger feels swollen or sore, or if it’s sliding around and falling off.

By taking care to maintain the ideal fit, you can ensure that your ring will bring you joy for years to come. When in doubt, talk to a jeweler about having your ring professionally resized for comfort and safety. Ready to get your ring resized for a perfect fit? Work with our expert jewelers at Quick Jewelry Repairs. We’ll have your ring custom-fit to your finger in no time. 

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