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10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Gemstone Ring (Plus Some Inspiration)

Written by Anna Currell
February 8, 2023

Is it time for a jewelry upgrade? Whatever changes you're dreaming of, they're probably a lot easier to accomplish than you think they are. A brand new style, a better fit, delicate repairs, special mementos…they're all within reach. When you swap out your current gemstone for a new one, you can dramatically switch up the look and feel of your ring. We highly recommend a gemstone ring upgrade when you’re ready for it — here are our top ten reasons why:

#1: Get a Fresh, New Look

Sometimes, you just want something new. It’s the same reason that moving around your furniture every now and then feels so good; variety is the spice of life! Upgrading your current gemstone to a different kind can completely transform your ring with just a simple swap. If you’re itching for a change, it’s a fun project to look for a new stone that can fit into your current setting

#2: Treat Yourself to a Bigger Gemstone

Sometimes the size of your budget can determine the size or quality of your gemstone; for example, couples often opt for less expensive engagement rings so they can spend their hard-earned money on other things early on in their relationships. But as your financial resources grow, you can always trade up for a new stone. Swapping out a smaller gemstone for a bigger upgrade can give you the sparkle and aesthetic you’re looking for without abandoning the setting, style, and fit you already enjoy. 

#3: Change Up Your Style

You can also switch your gemstone to match your unique sense of style. If you received a beautiful ring as a gift but the stone isn’t quite right for you, changing it is an easy fix. You can choose a gemstone that better reflects your personal taste or style while still respecting the gift and honoring the person who gave it to you. 

Your sense of style can and should evolve over time, but your jewelry can grow with you. Our preferences are ever changing, but you don’t have to purchase an entirely new piece of jewelry every time your tastes shift. Instead, find a new stone to match your current style and keep evolving your favorite pieces to match your vibe.

#4: Celebrate Something Special

Upgrading the gemstone in your ring can be a meaningful way to celebrate a special milestone, such as an anniversary or promotion. You can even find a gemstone to match the occasion — a ruby to honor your 40 years together, or an amethyst for a February birthday.  


A custom made ruby ring designed for the heart ruby the customer provided.

#5: Get Rid of a Damaged Gemstone

If the gemstone in your ring is scratched, cracked, or chipped, upgrading your stone can freshen up your look.  There may be ways to repair your damaged stone, but talk to your jeweler about your options; it might make more sense economically or even aesthetically to replace it with a new one. In that case, think about whether you want to upgrade to a better quality version of the same stone you're replacing, or swap it out entirely for something brand new.

#6: Make Your Ring More Durable

Speaking of chips and cracks, upgrading to a more durable gemstone can help you avoid them in the future. In the jewelry industry, the Mohs hardness scale is the official way to measure the durability (or scratch resistance) of a stone on a scale of 1-10. Diamonds, for example, are the hardest gemstone with a Mohs ranking of 10, whereas pearls are much softer and easier to scratch at 2.5. Finding a more durable gemstone with a higher Mohs ranking can prevent the need for future repairs and give you peace of mind while wearing your ring over the years.

#7: Stay Current with the Trends

Jewelry fashion trends change all the time, and upgrading your gemstone can help keep your ring current. If there’s a new trend you love, like the recent resurgence of colorful gemstones, you don’t have to break the bank for an entirely different piece of jewelry in order to join in on the fun. Just upgrade the stone!

#8: Increase Value with Higher Quality

Have you heard of the four C’s of diamond quality? These four factors — color, clarity, cut, and carat — combine to determine the overall value of a diamond. Upgrading to a higher quality diamond with better color or clarity, for example, can make your ring more attractive and can even increase its value. (Other gemstones can be measured by some of these factors, but elements like cut and color will look different across gemstone types. Ask a jeweler if you want to learn more about a specific type of gemstone.) 

#9: Use a Family Heirloom Stone

If you’ve inherited a family heirloom, upgrading it is a great way to make use of a beloved piece. You can replace the outdated gemstone with something more modern that fits your style, or use the gemstone from the heirloom in a brand new piece of jewelry. You can even custom design a new piece from scratch, inspired by your family’s gemstone. Including a special gemstone that’s been passed down for generations into a piece of jewelry you’re sure to love is a sentimental yet practical way to upgrade your ring. 


An antique pink stone ring with decorative engravings.

#10: Sell Your Gemstone Ring

If you’re ready to part with your ring, upgrading the gemstone can increase the value of the ring and make it more attractive to potential buyers. To maximize your potential income from the sale, talk to a jeweler about the best and most economical ways to invest in the ring, bringing up its value without overspending what you stand to earn. 

Popular Gemstones to Consider

If you’re ready for a change, here are some interesting gemstones to inspire your new look:

  • Ruby: Rubies are gorgeous, bright red gemstones that can add a dramatic pop of color to your ring. Getting a ruby upgrade for your ring is a good opportunity to celebrate an occasion: rubies are the birthstone for July and are a traditional 40th anniversary gift
  • Pearl: Pearls are delicate, elegant, and simple. They’re often used in necklaces or bracelets, but they’re also featured in trendy rings these days. You can find a white, shimmery, opalescent pearl or opt for a darker hue for a moodier approach. 
  • Sapphire: Sapphires can come in several different colors, but rich blue is most popular. Adding a touch of deep blue to your ring can immediately provide some visual interest, plus sapphires are a very durable stone with a Mohs rating of 9. 
  • Aquamarine: Aquamarines are a lovely light blue color that might remind you of the ocean, so it’s no wonder they’re named after the Latin word for “sea”. Swapping your gemstone for an aquamarine is a great option if you’re looking to change up your style in a subtle way that still adds some flair. 

Aquamarine gemstone replacement


Are you ready for a gemstone ring upgrade? Send your ring to our expert jewelers at Quick Jewelry Repairs and we’ll make it happen. We can help you find the perfect new gemstone, set it in your favorite ring or design a brand new piece around it, and have it back to you in no time so you can start wearing your new favorite piece of jewelry right away.

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