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How to Uncover the History of Your Family Heirloom Jewelry

Just like a family’s history, a piece of family heirloom jewelry is likely to…

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How to Redesign a Family Heirloom Engagement Ring to Fit Your Style

Your partner just proposed with a stunning family heirloom — congratulations! You're probably thrilled…


Creating Memory Jewelry: Celebrate Meaningful Moments With Beautiful Elements

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How to Incorporate “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” into Your Bridal Jewelry

There are all kinds of age-old wedding traditions that people still include in their…


History in the Making: How to Create Custom Heirloom Jewelry for Future Generations

Jewelry is a beautiful way to pass down stories, tradition, and history through generations.…

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Heirloom Jewelry: How to Pass Down Your Pieces for Generations to Come

Heirloom jewelry typically holds special meaning and carries deep family memories. These pieces are…


The 8 Best Ways to Care for Your Heirloom Jewelry Pieces

If you’ve inherited heirloom jewelry, it’s probably very special to you. Not only is…

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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas For Every Love Language

Do you know the five love languages? They’re five different ways that people express…

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10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Gemstone Ring (Plus Some Inspiration)

Is it time for a jewelry upgrade? Whatever changes you're dreaming of, they're probably…