Can You Resize a Pattern Ring?


If you have a ring with a design going all around it, you might be wondering how on earth you’re going to get it sized. After all, sizing might distort the design, and that’s the whole point of the ring… Fortunately, there are several ways to resize a pattern ring. Read on to learn more!

Setting Diamond Shapes: What You Should Know


Princess, marquise, heart- there’s a beautiful variety of diamond shapes and sizes for jewelry such as engagement rings and pendants. But don’t be fooled; while diamonds are definitely the hardest rocks on earth, that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to damage! The process of stone setting varies depending on the stone’s shape, and certain diamond shapes are more fragile than … Read More

People Behind The Pieces: Adding Links to Grandma’s Necklace


When people think about custom jewelry, they usually think about making a new piece from scratch. While we definitely do that on a daily basis, we also take in a lot of pieces for custom modifications. Such was the case with our client Aileen, who contacted us about how to make a necklace longer. Once we finished the job and … Read More

How To Find The Best Engraving Service

You’re thinking about getting something engraved, and you’re looking up engraving services online. Questions like; “Where can I get my ring engraved?” “How much do engravings cost?” or “How long does it take to get something engraved” might be floating around in your head. To answer those questions, read on to learn more about finding the best engraving service for … Read More

How to Appraise Jewelry Yourself at Home


You’re sitting around at home, wondering what to do with some pieces of jewelry lying about. Maybe they belonged to Aunt Rachel, or you dug them out of a box at a local garage sale. No matter how you got them, you’re just hoping that you might have something good. While you might not be on the next season of … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Ring Head Replacement


The head of your ring is essentially the focal point of the entire design- it’s the part that holds the center stone, after all! Thanks to the fact that it protrudes out from your finger, it sustains a lot of wear on a daily basis. Over time, the head gets damaged and weak, requiring you to get a ring head … Read More

Jewelry Modification: What’s Doable?

jewelry modification

Repurposing and upcycling are the buzzwords of today, and we absolutely love it when our customers come in with old pieces and new ideas. But jewelry modification isn’t always easy, and the possibilities are endless. Read on to learn more about what’s actually viable when it comes to changing up your jewelry.

How to Look After Your Mechanical Watch


Maybe you’ve just purchased your first fancy watch, or received a gift from someone. You can see through the glass that the watch has a wonderfully intricate mechanism. But how are you supposed to take care of it? Read on for some guidelines about mechanical watch maintenance.

How to Value and Refurbish Inherited Jewelry


Recently a client reached out to us about a cache of jewelry he had just received from his mother. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, but he did want to know if the jewelry was fine in terms of metal and stone quality. We were more than happy to help him determine the inherited jewelry value, and … Read More