4 Common Signs it’s Time to Get Your Jewelry Fixed


We all want our jewelry to last as long as possible. A big part of ensuring it does is finding a reliable repair specialist and taking getting your getting your jewelry fixed when the need arises. In theory, this sounds simple. In practice, knowing when exactly the right time to seek out professional help is a little harder.  The key … Read More

Seven Helpful Tips to Minimize Expenses for Your Jewelry Business

With the current economic situation, it is clear that money is on everyone’s mind more than ever. Whether it is just trying to keep your business afloat, or reaching for those goals that you set at the beginning of the year, here are some money saving tips and hacks that can help you chop down your jewelry business expenses. 

Metal Testing Service: How to Identify Your Jewelry


Whether it’s a fresh buy off Ebay that you’re not too sure about, a family heirloom that’s a strange color, or a vintage piece you snagged from a thrift shop, you might be itching to see if the item you have is a real gem. But appraisal services are expensive, and you don’t want to shell out money to examine … Read More

What You Need to Know About Silver Polishing


Silver is a great precious metal; it’s beautiful, it’s shiny, and best of all it’s very affordable! But unlike gold and platinum, silver can tarnish over time from exposure to chemicals, air, and sweat. So how do you get it back into its original sparkling state? Here’s what you need to know about silver polishing.

A Guide to Jewelry Stainless Steel Repair Services


Stainless steel is a popular choice for a variety of jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. However, this durable metal is quite tough, and most jewelers don’t have the equipment to deal with it. So how do you go about finding a jewelry stainless steel repair service? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Repair, Replace, or Create a Family Ring


Family rings are a special heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation. While they vary in design, old family rings need to be repaired over years of wear. Lost family rings aren’t a final goodbye thanks to modern jewelry recreation technology, and if you’ve been looking for something a little custom to add to your family jewelry box, … Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to Ring Restoration


Rings are the most symbolic and prominent type of jewelry, and with good reason! They’re highly visible thanks to being on your hand all day and they’re equally prone to banging and rubbing against every item you touch. It’s no wonder why rings suffer the most damage when it comes to jewelry repair, so read on to learn more about … Read More

What You Need in an Engagement Ring Restoration Service


Whether it’s designing a custom engagement ring or restoring an old one, you might be looking for a place to do an all-in-one engagement ring service. Read to learn more about fixing up your engagement ring or creating an entirely new one.