A Comprehensive Guide to Ring Restoration


Rings are the most symbolic and prominent type of jewelry, and with good reason! They’re highly visible thanks to being on your hand all day and they’re equally prone to banging and rubbing against every item you touch. It’s no wonder why rings suffer the most damage when it comes to jewelry repair, so read on to learn more about … Read More

What You Need in an Engagement Ring Restoration Service


Whether it’s designing a custom engagement ring or restoring an old one, you might be looking for a place to do an all-in-one engagement ring service. Read to learn more about fixing up your engagement ring or creating an entirely new one.

A Quick Guide on How to Make Pendants


Pendants and charms are easily the most convertible form of jewelry there is! From precious gemstones to sentimental oddities such as coins, brooches, and even ashes and baby teeth, it’s time to get creative and work on your own jewelry style with these innovative ideas below. Read on to learn how to make pendants.

Innovative Jewelry Repair Gift Ideas For Father’s Day


Father’s Day is coming up soon, and if you’re struggling for some ideas to get something special for that special man in your life, we have a few tips for you that worked quite well for some of our clients! Read on to learn more about jewelry repair gift ideas for Father’s Day.

A Guide to Military Ring Sizing


Military rings are awesome pieces of jewelry that really display your pride and sense of accomplishment! However, you might need a resizing if they sent you the wrong size, or if you’ve gained or lost weight over the years. If you’re stuck with a ring you can’t wear, and you can’t send it back to the company, here’s how you … Read More

Guide to Costume Jewelry Replication


Costume jewelry is appealing to people for a lot of reasons; it’s affordable, it’s pretty, and it comes in a variety of dazzling designs. When a piece of costume jewelry is lost, damaged, or completely unusable due to allergic reactions, it can be a heartbreaking thing for many people. Fortunately, costume jewelry duplication is always an option. Read on to … Read More

How to Restructure Your Jewelry Repairs Operations for Top Efficiency


When working in any industry, it is important to understand exactly how the business runs, what the downfalls to the industry are, and how you can improve the efficiency to drive more revenue. This is the same when it comes to handling your repairs. This article depicts what your employees have to deal with when handling the repairs side of … Read More

Custom Platinum Jewelry: What You Need to Know


Platinum has become increasingly popular thanks to its heft, visual appearance, and hypoallergenic properties. However, this material does not come in an extensive variety of style options due to its value and manufacturing costs. As a result, you might be stuck on how to proceed with a particular design that you want to cast in platinum. Here’s what you need … Read More