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4 Quick Jewelry Fixes for Everyday Mishaps

Written by Anna Currell
March 27, 2024

We've all been there — you're rushing to get ready for work or a night out, and suddenly your favorite necklace breaks or you can’t find your earring back. A jewelry or wardrobe malfunction can happen at the worst time and leave you scrambling for a quick fix. But don't panic! With a few household items and clever tricks, you can temporarily repair your jewelry, or at least keep it together until you can have a professional jeweler fix it properly. Let’s take a look at some quick fixes that you can use so you can get back to wearing your favorite pieces after a jewelry malfunction.


Broken Necklace Clasp

A broken clasp is one of the most common jewelry mishaps. If the two ends of your necklace have come apart, try this fast fix:

  1. Use a thin piece of wire, string, or even a snipped rubber band to tie the knots together. 
  2. You might need to tie the material onto each side of the broken clasp with a knot of its own, then use an overhand knot to keep the makeshift clasp in place.
  3. Add a small dab of clear nail polish over any sharp wire ends to prevent snagging your clothes or your hair, or scratching your skin. 
  4. When you take off the necklace, simply snip the wire, string, or rubber band with a pair of scissors. 

This creates a simple but helpful temporary clasp that will work in a pinch to get you through the day. Be sure to ask a professional jeweler for help soon after; they’ll be able to solder the necklace clasp or replace it altogether in a way that lasts and looks perfect.

Missing Earring Back

One lonely earring with a missing back is frustrating. Those tiny backs can be really hard to find, and very easy to lose! If you’re rushing out the door, the best solution is to use the soft rubber tip of a pencil eraser. You can easily slide the eraser onto the earring post for friction and grip, and the eraser won’t damage the earring. 

After you use this temporary fix, be sure to buy new earring backs online or at a craft store for a permanent fix instead of a temporary one. If you’re not sure which earring backs to purchase, ask your local craft store for assistance. You can also speak to a professional jeweler about converting your earring backs to hooks or leverbacks so you don’t need a separate earring back and there’s no risk of losing a piece.


Tangled Necklaces

Knotted and tangled chains are a nuisance, but remember to stay calm — yanking or pulling on the knots can stretch and deform the metal, or just make the tangles tighter. Try this DIY fix instead:

  1. Place your necklace on a flat, clean surface with good lighting so you can assess the knots. Holding the necklaces up while you’re trying to untangle them will let gravity pull the knots tighter and can frustrate you even more. 
  2. Gently tease apart the knot or tangle using a metal clothespin, seam ripper, or tweezers. Take your time and be patient.

With a little patience, you can usually coax necklaces free of nasty tangles. Later, be sure to have a professional jeweler inspect the jewelry for any weakened links that need reinforcing after you’ve untangled them. If you can’t get them undone yourself, a professional jeweler should be able to use specialized tools to untangle the knots for you.   

Rings That Are Too Big

Rings that are too big can be uncomfortable to wear and can easily slip off your finger; if you don’t realize when a ring falls off, it could get lost forever. Here are some ways to keep your too-big rings in the rotation until you can get them resized:

  • Wrap clear tape around the inside of the shank — the part that touches your finger — for more grip and friction. A small piece on either side usually does the trick and can help to fill in the gap a bit, and nobody will see it while you’re wearing it.
  • Wear your too-big ring at the base of your finger and stack another ring that fits you well on top of it. This can act as a stopper to make sure that the too-big ring doesn’t fall off.


When you’re done using the temporary fix, have your rings resized as soon as possible. Measure your ring size and speak to your jeweler to make sure you’re getting the right fit. 

A wardrobe malfunction always seems to happen when you're short on time. With a few crafty tricks, from tape to oils and ice, you can temporarily resuscitate broken necklaces, missing earring backs, bent rings, tangled messes and loose sizes until you have time for proper repairs. When you’re ready, work with our team at Quick Jewelry Repairs. You can mail in your items so you don’t have to worry about making a trip to the store, and we’ll get your pieces back to you in tip-top shape in no time. 

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