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Crystal Clear: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Crystal Jewelry

Written by Anna Currell
October 27, 2022

If you’ve been wishing for a job promotion, waiting for love, or trying to get better sleep, you might be in the market for some crystal jewelry. Some people believe that crystals provide guidance, wisdom, and even healing powers, and that wearing them as jewelry can help you to live a better life. If you’ve ever been curious about the different qualities of crystals and the power of wearing crystal jewelry, read on.


What Does Crystal Jewelry Do?

For many people, crystals signify a spiritual connection to the universe. They believe that the unique elements present in each crystal can help guide them in a good direction, protect them from harm, heal their mental and physical ailments, ignite imagination and ingenuity, and more. The idea is that each type of crystal has different qualities that correspond to different aspects of life, and wearing the right one at the right time can help activate intentions and inspire positive results. Let’s look at a few of the crystals most commonly used in jewelry:


Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that is associated with healing and rest, so it’s often worn to help deepen sleep and meditation practices. Even in the waking hours, amethyst is believed to bring a sense of calm and tranquility. 

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is the crystal to turn to if you’re processing some big emotions. This dark crystal, almost always a pure black color, is believed to help the wearer find clarity and establish a sense of self while shielding against negativity. It’s also used to provide the strength needed to let go of any feelings or beliefs that the wearer is holding on to too tightly. 


For a little help with your finances, you’ll want to find some citrine. True to its name, this crystal has a yellow-orange color that looks similar to many citrus fruits. Citrine is known for its ability to inspire wealth and abundance, so you should wear it if you’re hoping to attract prosperity, encourage creativity, or strengthen concentration.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a special crystal; it’s known to be so transformative that it can charge other crystals and compound their properties. Quartz also promotes healing in its own right; it’s often used as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious minds, regulating energy and improving awareness.


Jade is the crystal you’ll turn to for good health and healing, both inside and out. Its soft green color is a reminder of nature, and it is believed to encourage physical benefits like longevity and fertility, as well as mental benefits like wisdom, compassion, and inner peace. 

Lapis lazuli 

Lapis lazuli, a beautiful, deep blue crystal, can help strengthen your relationships. It’s used to deepen self-awareness in the wearer, and is believed to help foster healthy relationships and promote harmony. Wearing a lapis lazuli can encourage honesty with yourself and others. 


For a new start, look for a pearly, opalescent moonstone. These crystals can include blue, pink, or purple hues, and they’re known for their lustrous shine. Moonstones promise new beginnings, inner strength, and spiritual insight. They’re also great for personal growth and tapping into your intuition. 


For a grounding effect, find a piece of jewelry with onyx in it. Onyx is usually black in color, although it can be tinged with many different shades. This crystal is known to provide focus, willpower, and determination. Wear it to tough conversations, interviews, or any situation where you need a reminder to dig deep and stay true to yourself. 


The rainbow-hued opal inspires luck, love, and happiness. Opal is associated with qualities as light and lovely as its many colors; it can bring positivity, optimism, and spontaneity to the wearer, so it’s always a good crystal to keep close by. 

Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Now that you have an idea of what each crystal represents, you can begin to search for jewelry designed with the crystal that resonates with you most. For those who believe in crystal healing, each one is more likely to raise your vibrations and connect you to its deeper meaning when it’s worn in direct contact with the skin. Crystals can be used in any kind of jewelry, but here are some of the most popular types:



Wear a crystal on your finger that you can look down at often, like this classically beautiful opal ring. Wearing it can remind you of a new start or give you confidence while shaking hands at a job interview. 


onyx-dog-tag-pendant-necklaceWearing your chosen piece around your neck might be your favorite way to keep a more emotional crystal close to your heart, like this onyx pendant.



You can find solid bracelets (like bangles) made from a single crystal, or look for crystal beads like those in this jade bracelet. You can choose a single bead to highlight or combine many different crystal types, or even add charms and pendants. 


amethyst-heart-earringsCrystals can also be embedded directly into fine jewelry, like these amethyst earrings from our sister brand, Miki & Jane. You can find a pair of dangling crystals, single crystal studs, or even crystal-encrusted hoop earrings. 

It’s important to clean your crystal jewelry regularly to keep it looking its best. We recommend cleaning any jewelry you love every six months, but because of the spiritual element of crystal jewelry, cleansing has a different meaning. You can polish your crystal jewelry to keep it shiny and keep its intentions clear, or send it in to the professionals — we’ll send it back to you as good as new. You can also create a piece of jewelry all your own around a special crystal that’s personally meaningful to you. Speak to our jewelry concierge team for a free consultation about bringing your unique crystal jewelry dreams.

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