How to Fix a Broken Hoop Earring

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Hoop earrings are a classic staple in anyone’s jewelry box! However, their design means that they’re prone to a variety of issues. If you have a broken hoop earring, here’s how you can get it repaired. 

How to Make a Duplicate Hoop Earring

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If you love your hoop earrings but you’ve lost one recently, we’ve got some news for you: we can duplicate them! However, don’t run off to a jeweler with your remaining earring just yet. There are a few things you need to know first. Read on to learn more about duplicating a hoop earring. 

What to Do With Only One Earring

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If you’ve lost an earring and you’re not sure what to do with the remaining one, we have a few solutions for you! Whether it’s converting it into another piece of jewelry or replicating it to make a full pair again, you have options that don’t involve throwing the earring back into the jewelry box. Read on to learn about … Read More

What to Know When Changing Earring Posts

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Maybe they’re broken. Maybe they’re irritating your ears. Maybe you want something more secure. Whatever it is, you want to change the posts on your favorite pair of earrings. It’s a simple procedure in most cases, but what does the work really entail? Read on to learn more about how to change earring posts.