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Earring Stick Posts vs Earring Screwbacks: What’s Best for You?

Written by Annabelle
May 12, 2020

One of the most common questions asked by our customers is whether or not they should use earring stick posts or earring screwbacks. These two different earring back styles have their respective pros and cons; read on to learn more about what’s the best choice for your lifestyle.

Earring Stick Posts


These gold knot earrings have friction posts; see the notches at the bottom of each stick.

Stick posts are the most common type of earring back, and with good reason. A simple little stick attached to the back of the earring design smoothly slots through the ear piercing hole, and is typically closed with any variation of an earring back to prevent the stick post from falling out. This earring back can range from rubber backs to little butterfly-shaped pieces of metal that wedge into a little notch cut out at the end of the earring stick.

While this post is the best type of earring to put on and remove easily, its convenience can also affect the security of how the earring is worn. Stick post earring backs can slip out and loosen, causing the earring to fall out.

Earring Screwbacks


A pair of white gold diamond stud earrings with screwbacks. Note the textured posts.

A variation of the stick post, an earring screwback is a stick that’s been designed with additional security. Instead of a smooth stick, the screwback involves a threaded stick with grooves at the end, much like that of a nail. The backs for screw backs are specially designed to “screw” onto the threaded portion of the stick, making it much more difficult for the back to loosen and fall off.

These posts are perfect for people who have expensive earrings, as this safety measure prevents the earrings from falling out. However, they are more expensive to install in comparison to stick posts, and are a pain to replace. If the corresponding back to a screwback is lost, the jeweler may not be able to replace it, so they will have to cut off the original screwback post and supply a new post and new matching back.

Which Earring Style Is Best For You?

If you’re the type of person who enjoys changing your earrings on a daily basis, it’s probably better to get stick posts as you can easily put them on and take them off in the morning. For a more secure back, try opting for rubber ones as they have a better grip on the back of the stick post.

If you prefer to wear one set of earrings or expensive, valuable pieces, then screw backs are your best option to ensure the security of your jewelry. While they take more time to remove and put on, the safety measure of the threaded post prevents the earrings from falling out, especially if you prefer to wear them while you sleep.

Now you’re up to date on earring stick posts and earring screwbacks! If you’d like to get your earrings converted to one of these styles, comment below and we can help you get started.

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