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What to Do With Only One Earring

Written by Annabelle
February 10, 2020

If you’ve lost an earring and you’re not sure what to do with the remaining one, we have a few solutions for you! Whether it’s converting it into another piece of jewelry or replicating it to make a full pair again, you have options that don’t involve throwing the earring back into the jewelry box. Read on to learn about what to do with only one earring.

Wearing One Earring by Itself

This clearly seems to be the most straightforward solution…but it’ll look a little odd especially if your other earring is nowhere close to its aesthetic. While large statement single earrings are commonly seen on the runway, it takes a very specific type of design to pull that look off, and chances are your missing earring doesn’t fall into that category. Here are some practical solutions for what to do with your lone earring.

Convert Your Earring Into Another Form of Jewelry

The best thing about earrings is how versatile they can be for a jewelry conversion project. When a jeweler receives a single earring, they can easily snip off the earring posts or wire, separating the design from the excess material. New metal components can then be added to the earring to make it into a ring, necklace, bracelet, or even a brooch!

For a ring conversion, the jeweler cuts off the backing and solders a shank, or ring band, to the back of the design. The shank is adjusted to your preferred ring size during assembly and the whole piece is given a good polish to remove any signs of work. 


This 18k emerald earring was converted into a ring by cutting off the back.


For necklace and bracelet conversions, the jeweler removes the earring component and solders either a bail or jump ring to the top/sides of the design depending on your desired orientation. The bail allows for the newly created pendant to dangle on a chain. The jeweler can offer different styles and lengths of chain as required to get that perfect design just right. 


This aquamarine earring was converted into a pendant by attaching a bail.

An earring-to-brooch conversion is slightly more complicated. The jeweler cleans off the back of the earring, and then supplies a pin and clasp fastener that need to be soldered to the back of the design in order for it to function properly. An alternative method is to transform the design into a stickpin, which only requires soldering the earring design to the top of a pin. This leaves the pointy part free for insertion into a hat or scarf. 

Replicate Your Earring to Wear a Full Pair Again

If you’re really not a fan of wearing the earring as any other type of jewelry, then it’s time to consider earring replication. The jeweler takes your remaining earring and thoroughly examines it to assess the design. Then they create a 3D design file that will be used to print a wax mold for production. After the design is finalized and approved, the new earring is cast and finished to restore your pair of earrings! 

Cost and Turnaround Time

For jewelry conversion, the price starts at $75 for a gold pendant conversion without chain and $175 for a ring shank. Prices will go up accordingly if a chain is required, based on the length, width, design, and material. The turnaround time is usually 1 to 4 days.

Earring replication is a custom creation project, and the minimum cost starts at $250. The price increases based on materials and labor required to make the new earring. The turnaround time ranges from 3 to 5 weeks. 

Now you’re all set on what to do with only one earring! Whether it’s converting the earring into a cool ring or making a new set, you can choose either option with a skilled jeweler. To get started on working with your remaining earring today, comment below and we can help you out.

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I was curious around the price to turn earrings in

I was curious around the price to turn earrings into a ring

Hi there, it depends on the earring! Could you please email a picture to [email protected] for further assistance?

Roohi Haq

Hi I would convert an earring into a pendant
It is a dangling earing


Hi There, we have reached out via email!

Tiffany S.

Can I email you a picture of my earring so I can get a round-about total for the cost, please?? My earring was my grandmother’s (she passed in 2003 at 53 yrs old), & it’s the only piece of jewelry I have of hers… & I never could find the other earring to match, so I’d love to have a ring to pass down to my son for his wife or child one day, & make it a family heirloom.


Absolutely! I’ve reached out directly via email to get your replication started 🙂

Susan Donald

Hi I have lost an earing and would like to make it into a ring. I did take it into a jeweller a while back and he said it cant be done due to the Garnets which will need to be removed.. could I send you a picture for your advice please?


​We should have no problem converting your earring to a ring, based on the description! I’ve followed up with next steps directly via email 🙂


Hi, i have lost one of my pearl earrings that has a little tiny diamond besides it and i want to turn it into a necklace. Is that possible? I would love to get it done

Ron Diaz

Hi Athena, thank you so much for commenting on our post 🙂 We’d love to help you with your concern. I reached out via email with the next possible steps!