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Best Friend Necklaces: How to Keep Your BFF Close to Your Heart

Written by Anna Currell
March 15, 2024

Do you have a long distance best friend? Even with constant video calls and text messages, sometimes you need the reminder that they’re always there, whether they’re thousands of miles away or just down the street. Best friend necklaces are a cute way to keep your friendship close to your heart — and a great excuse to talk up your bestie when someone comments on your jewelry. In this article, we’ll give you six best friend necklace ideas so you and your bestie can stay close together, no matter how far apart you are. 

#1: Matching Beaded Necklaces

Beaded jewelry is having a trendy moment — thanks to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour phenomenon of making and gifting friendship bracelets, these colorful beaded jewelry pieces from our childhoods are making a comeback. Finding (or even making) your own matching beaded necklaces for you and your best friend is an elevated take on the childhood classic, and can add a funky piece of jewelry to your collection. Spell out your names or a favorite phrase using lettered beads, or skip the letters and focus on creating technicolor combinations. Layer your matching beaded necklaces with other chains for a bold look.  

#2: Personalized Charms

Necklaces that feature several chunky charms in all shapes and sizes are absolutely in — and what better way to make the trend your own than by designing customized charm necklaces with your bestie? Choose charms that represent your favorite activities, like a racket for your tennis court dates, a stack of pancakes for your favorite diner breakfasts, or a martini glass for your can’t-miss weekly happy hours. Or you can pick charms for each other that you think best represent your personalities and surprise each other at special occasions throughout the year. Either way, you’ll end up with a piece of jewelry that makes a statement and comes with good memories attached (literally). 

#3: Engraved Pendants

A pendant is the perfect place for a little personalization; it’s like a blank canvas for your imagination to fill. Get matching pendants for you and your best friend, and get them engraved with something meaningful. Maybe you want to etch the zip code of the city you both grew up in or a funny inside joke. To get even more creative, you can engrave custom images — turn a photo of the two of you together into wearable art, or engrave a few words in your handwriting so the pendants are like personal notes from each other. 

#4: Two Halves of a Pendant 

Remember those pendants from the 90s in the shape of a broken heart? The two pieces would fit together to make one full heart shape, indicating that the two people wearing the necklaces are two halves of the same whole. You can find elevated modern versions of this necklace, or you can find other iterations on the idea; for example, find two halves of a circle, so each of you can wear a necklace with a half-moon pendant. They look beautiful on their own, but when you’re together, it’s clear that these two parts are meant to be one — just like you and your BFF!

#5: Morse Code Beads

Morse code beads are fun, subtle ways to wear meaningful jewelry. The beads use morse code — dots and dashes that represent letters and numbers — to spell out words and phrases. If you love the idea of a meaningful piece of jewelry but don’t love the look of an engraved pendant or a personal message on display for all to see, this is a great alternative option. The morse code beads can be monochrome or colorful, at short choker or long matinee length. Spell out each others’ names, your favorite silly phrase, or the address of the apartment you shared as roommates.  

#6: Lockets

Lockets are historically romantic and nostalgic gifts, so they’re a great choice for your most affectionate pals. In fact, royalty used to wear them to store locks of hair from their loved ones — but you don’t have to do all that (leave the hair cuts to your stylists). Instead, you can gift your bestie with a matching locket and put a photo or a note inside. You might think of a heart or an oval when you think of a traditional locket, but they can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; choose one that fits your personalities and styles and honors your friendship. 

You and your best friend have a special and unique relationship, so the matching necklaces you choose to represent that bond should be special and unique, too. Choose pieces that fit into both of your personal styles and make them meaningful in whatever way makes sense for you. Want to design your own matching necklaces from scratch? Work with our bespoke jewelry design team. We can help you from start to finish, so that you and your bestie end up with keepsakes as beautiful and unique as your friendship.

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