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What Can You Do With Jewelry Scrap?

Written by Annabelle
April 24, 2020

 When you’re getting something repaired or sized, you might get the leftover scraps back from the jeweler. But what do you do with those bits and pieces of chain, or loose stones? We have a few ideas for you on what to do with them. Read more to learn about what you can do with jewelry scrap.

What is Jewelry Scrap?

Simply put, jewelry scrap is leftover material from any jewelry repair or service. Typically, unidentifiable pieces of scrap (such as bits of metal from the sizing process) are not returned by the jeweler, since it’s hard to confirm that this piece comes from a certain item and the jeweler needs to avoid any potential customer conflict.

However, identifiable pieces of scrap such as cut off portions of chain, removed charms, and loose stones will be returned to the customer. It’s these items that are great for a bit of jewelry creativity, and we have a few ideas for you below.

Repurposing Jewelry Scrap


A pair of vintage rhinestones

With these miscellaneous bits and bobs, your first thought may be to just sell them at a jeweler who buys gold. But why do that when you can get creative and make something new with what you have? Here’s a list of ways you can convert your jewelry scrap.

  1. Chain rings & bracelets: If you shortened a lengthy chain, you’ll have some portion left over. You can measure your ring size and have the jeweler use the leftover portion of chain to create a ring or a bracelet for you! 
  2. Pendant & Charms: If you have a stone that was removed from an item, like a shortened tennis bracelet, have the jeweler provide a new setting and turn it into an item that you can wear differently! We love this idea because you can create your very own matching jewelry set.
  3. Pin to bands: For antique jewelry lovers, this is a cool way to utilize any stickpins that you didn’t turn into a ring. The jeweler can simply bend the pin into a circular shape and solder it shut, allowing you to wear the pin and not waste any material.
  4. Custom creation: Recently we worked on an item that was made from two old emerald earrings and a bunch of loose diamonds. The customer wasn’t sure what to do with the pieces, so we provided a few more components and soldered it all together to make a statement necklace, with an emerald on each side and a diamond-studded gold disc in the middle. Talk about luxurious! 

Why Repurposing Jewelry Scrap Is a Good Thing

Aside from being able to utilize materials that you would otherwise sell or even throw out, you can create something special by incorporating components from a much-loved item in your possession. This is even better for creating unique family heirlooms that you can pass down, like a pendant made from Grandma’s diamonds or Aunt’s earrings. 

Conversion Cost

For simple procedures like a chain ring, you just have to pay for soldering. Typically, that starts from $20 and up depending on the metal. Other items such as sourcing components and settings will cost more, due to the additional resources required. Custom creation is the most expensive and starts at $250. 

Now you know what you can do with your jewelry scrap! If you have something you want to repurpose, comment below and we can help you out!

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