5 Steps to Take After You’ve Lost an Earring


Oh no! You’re going about your day when all of a sudden, you notice you’ve lost an earring (one of your favorites!), and that sinking feeling hits. 

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Stay calm, retrace your steps, and start the search with our five steps to take after you’ve lost an earring:

1. Flashlights are your friend

Did you lose a diamond earring or something else with sparkle? That can work to your advantage. Shut off the lights (or wait until night if you’re searching outside) and whip out your brightest flashlight. Hold it low to the ground and slowly sweep it back and forth, keeping an eye out for a sparkle. This is particularly useful if you’ve lost your earring somewhere with hardwood floors!

2. Feel with your feet

Earrings might be tiny, but they’re sharp in comparison to a plush carpet. If struggling to find an earring buried in the fibers of a carpet, try (carefully) dragging your bare feet where you think the earring might be and feel around for anything hard or sharp. Don’t apply too much pressure with your feet! You don’t want to hurt yourself or potentially break the lost earring the process.

3. Expand your search 

The irregular shape of an earring means they usually don’t bounce where we expect them too. If you felt or heard the earring drop and think you have an idea where it might have landed, it’s reasonable to assume it’ll be easy to find. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Be willing to expand your search beyond where you think it might’ve landed!

4. Suck it up (the lost earring, that is) 

Still can’t find your missing earring? There’s one last trick to try if you’re able! This is particularly useful if the earring could’ve potentially bounced under a piece of furniture. If you have a vacuum with a hose attachment, take a pair of nylon socks or stockings and stretch it over the nozzle. Turn your vacuum on and sweep where you think the earring might be. The vacuum should suck up the earring, which will get caught in the tights.

5. Duplicate the lost earring 


A 3D design of a pair of earrings we replicated for a client.

Whether it’s the casualty of a night out with friends or it has seemingly sunk into the floor and disappeared, sometimes you lose an earring, and it just can’t be found. If the lost earring holds a lot of sentimental value or you just really love the way it looks, there’s always the option to work with a professional to have the earring duplicated.

Our team at Quick Jewelry Repairs can actually replicate any jewelry piece, but earrings happen to be one of the easiest! Jewelers can use the remaining half of the pair to create a duplicate or even detailed descriptions and photos of the missing items. 

Do you have a favorite earring that has gone missing? Drop us a comment below to get started on building your perfect replacement. Please note that earring duplication orders start at a minimum of $250 (includes a CAD).

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