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5 Steps to Take After You’ve Lost an Earring

Written by Danielle Healy
September 15, 2020

Oh no! You’re going about your day when all of a sudden, you notice you’ve lost an earring (one of your favorites!), and that sinking feeling hits. 

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Stay calm, retrace your steps, and start the search with our five steps to take after you’ve lost an earring:

1. Flashlights are your friend

Did you lose a diamond earring or something else with sparkle? That can work to your advantage. Shut off the lights (or wait until night if you’re searching outside) and whip out your brightest flashlight. Hold it low to the ground and slowly sweep it back and forth, keeping an eye out for a sparkle. This is particularly useful if you’ve lost your earring somewhere with hardwood floors!

2. Feel with your feet

Earrings might be tiny, but they’re sharp in comparison to a plush carpet. If struggling to find an earring buried in the fibers of a carpet, try (carefully) dragging your bare feet where you think the earring might be and feel around for anything hard or sharp. Don’t apply too much pressure with your feet! You don’t want to hurt yourself or potentially break the lost earring the process.

3. Expand your search 

The irregular shape of an earring means they usually don’t bounce where we expect them too. If you felt or heard the earring drop and think you have an idea where it might have landed, it’s reasonable to assume it’ll be easy to find. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Be willing to expand your search beyond where you think it might’ve landed!

4. Suck it up (the lost earring, that is) 

Still can’t find your missing earring? There’s one last trick to try if you’re able! This is particularly useful if the earring could’ve potentially bounced under a piece of furniture. If you have a vacuum with a hose attachment, take a pair of nylon socks or stockings and stretch it over the nozzle. Turn your vacuum on and sweep where you think the earring might be. The vacuum should suck up the earring, which will get caught in the tights.

5. Duplicate the lost earring 


A 3D design of a pair of earrings we replicated for a client.

Whether it’s the casualty of a night out with friends or it has seemingly sunk into the floor and disappeared, sometimes you lose an earring, and it just can’t be found. If the lost earring holds a lot of sentimental value or you just really love the way it looks, there’s always the option to work with a professional to have the earring duplicated.

Our team at Quick Jewelry Repairs can actually replicate any jewelry piece, but earrings happen to be one of the easiest! Jewelers can use the remaining half of the pair to create a duplicate or even detailed descriptions and photos of the missing earring set. 

Do you have a favorite earring that has gone missing? Drop us a comment below to get started on building your perfect replacement. Please note that earring duplication orders start at a minimum of $250 (includes a CAD).

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Maureen McGowan

I lost an earring – 14K tri-color gold (yellow, white, rose)., oval hoop (3 -1 of each color) and wire for pierced ear. I can send a scan or the actual (remaining) earring. 3/4″ long by slightly less than 2/3″ wide at broadest point.


Hi there, please email us a picture to [email protected] for further assistance! 🙂


hi i have lost an earring that my grandmother bought for me and now passed away i have lost the earring she had given to me it is made out of real gold so would that cost more or something can you give me more detail on my email [email protected]


Hi Sana, we’ll reach out to you via email with further details!


Hello i lost an earing in the gym, what should i do?


im at an airport and my earring fell out what i can i use as a replacement
(i also got them pierced like 3 weeks ago


Hi Ashlee, we’ll reach out to you shortly with further details!



Lillyana blanton

I lost one of my favorite earrings today. Ii NEED that earring because it took me 4 months to find it. I dont know what to do. Im at school and i love these earrings. 🙁


Hi Lillyana, We’ll reach out to you shortly with further details on earring replication!


I lost my earrings at school and im literally crying. I think there was a whole in my purse. I know the last places I saw them . I keep losing jewelry that my auntie gets me and I just can’t do this anymore. Pls help me!


Im 12 and I lost my real diamond earring in school and I dont know what to do


Hi Keira, we’ll reach out to you with some details on earring replication shortly!


Let your school office and teacher know. They can get the janitor to help!!


I lost my earring, but I only realised after I got out of the bath I used most of the methods and at first they didn’t work. But then I found the back of the earring in the drained bath and I thought it was gone forever, down the drain but then I used the foot dragging method and I found it! I was so relieved and happy because it was one of my favourites. I must say these methods really work😁


My mom let me borrow her earrings and one of them fell out and I can’t find it anywhere. I realized it was missing today when I was out in town. The problem is, I had already been to the gym and multiple stores in the mall so there was no way I’d find it, I tried retracing my steps in town and at my house and I couldn’t find it. I’m very disappointed in myself for losing her favorite earring. I don’t know where the earrings came from and I’m too afraid to ask because she may get suspicious.… Read more »


Hi There, we’ll reach out to you via email with further details!


i bought chain earrings and i went swimming and one of them were loose and i couldnt find them again


Hi Ash, Please reach out to us if you’d like to have a replica pair made!:)


My best friend got me these beautiful earrings as a gift but they fell off one day and I looked all over my house and couldn’t find them


Hi Alexis, are you looking to replicate the earring? If so please email a photo of the earring to [email protected] for further assistance! 🙂


Help lost one each of these earrings help please

Heena setia

Hi I lost my diamond earings somewhere in party but I hav photo of that can u please make it for me how much it will cost


Hi Heena,

We’ll reach out via email with further details on earring replication!

Heena setia

Hi I lost my diamond earings but I hav photo of it can u plz tell can u please make it again for me I hav photo of it


I lost an earring and am so upset about it. The earrings hold a sentimental value and I want to get it replaced please. I’m not too sure what the style is for sure as it was a gift from my boyfriend but it is a gold hoop earring with diamonds in it I’m assuming.


Hi Gurbeen, We’ll reach out via email with further details on earring replication!

Marnie Belfance

I lost a one carat white gold diamond earring stud and need to replace where should I start?


Hi Marnie, we’ll reach out with further details on earring replication. Keep an eye on your email for a follow up message!

Joyce Jackson

I have lost my large 9ct yellow gold earing could I get a replacement pleasev


Hi Joyce, We’ll reach out via email with further details!

Jacqueline Tinberg

I just lost a 3 diamond earring that I received as an anniversary gift. I’m not sure where it was purchased. Can this be duplicated?


Hi Jacqueline, we’ll reach out via email for further details on our earring replication process!


I lost one of my favorite earings and I can’t find it anywhere


Hi Sarah, We’ll reach out via email with more details on our earring replication service.


hi my grandma gave me gold earirngs, before she died and they were passed down 7 generations. They are real gold and im so upset because they were pessed down to ME and i feel disappointed and useless 🙁


Hi Liane, we’ll reach out via email with details on our earring replication service. We may be able to help!

tengans 4th wife

i lost my tengen earrings and now i cant adore him. 🙁

Pat Hanson

I have lost an oval earring with small diamonds after having them for only 6 months. I loved these earrings and searched everywhere for them I think it was lost in a parking lot at Lowes.


Hi Pat, so sorry to hear you lost your earring but we can possibly help replicate it for you! We’ll reach out via email with further details.

Pammie Williams

hi im 11 and i lost my earring at home or school i dont know what to do


I lost my gold earrings that were matching with my cousin and it lost in the drainpipe!


Hi Cindy, we’ll reach out via email with further details on our earring replication service.

Elaine cole

I lost my gold earing I bought at Stearns sometime ago and would like a quote on a duplicate


Hi Elaine, We’ll reach out via email with further details on our replication service!

Megan G.

I just lost one of my half carat (1 carat total weight) diamond earrings set in yellow gold. I found the back on the floor under the couch. I’m worried it fell in the couch and I’ll never find it. I bought these diamonds myself, I wore them all the time. So many times I told myself to get them changed to screwbacks but I never did. I have lost one before, my bird found it. But I feel like this time it’s gone for good and I’m so sick and sad. I’ll have to save money for a while… Read more »


Hi i just lost one of my diamond stud. I searched every Inches of my home and check every corner , still no luck. it was my favourite one and i lost it forever😭


Hi Ash, So sorry to hear that! We can help replicate the piece. We’ll reach out via email with further details.


I have a sapphire earing incised in silver I have just recently lost it I will try and find it but I am a 12 yr old girl who’s had these earings since I was 4


I lost a dangling earrings can it be replicated?


We’d love to help with this! I’ve followed up directly via email 🙂


I lost an earring from my great grandma it’s very old; I lost it at school about a week or 2 ago and am desperate to find it. is real silver, oval-shaped, and dangles.


I’m so sorry to hear that the earring is missing! 😕 Other than our tips above, we would certainly be able to assist in recreating the earring either from photos or having the original sent to us. I’ve followed up with next steps via email 🙂


I lost my earring last summer my mum give to me in very difficult time of our life . This earring got a huge sentimental value to me .
Is a very large 18ct white gold hoop .


I’m so sorry to hear about your lost hoop earring 🙁 We can replicate most designs no problem, I’ve followed up via email with next steps.


Hello I lost my mom’s earring. According to her it was a gold earring but I am not sure. Can you tell me how to know if its real gold? I lost one of them and I want an exact replica please.


​We’d love to assist with replicating your lost earring! I’ve followed up with next steps via email 🙂


I found my gold earring with the flashlight method turns out it was beside my bed !


Wonderful, so glad that the article was helpful 😊

Marsha Bellamy

I recently lost an earring and would love to know if it can be replicated. It’s a 14K twisted D-shaped hoop. Please advise.


We’d love to assist! I’ve followed up with next steps via email 🙂

Karolee Hansen

I just lost my favorite earring, a pale pink pearl drop enhanced by sterling silver Filagree. I would like to see if it’s possible to have a replacement made


​Sounds like no problem at all from your description – I’ve followed up directly via email for next steps 😉


Please help! I need to replicate a 14k gold hoop earring I just got as a gift!


Thank you for reaching out! I’ve followed up directly via email with next steps to replicate your earring 🙂


I lost a 14K gold hoop, could you make a new one?


Should be no problem! 😁 I’ve followed up with next steps via email.

Raymond Chia

I want to replace or replicate a lost earrings

Ron Diaz

Hi, Raymond! Thank you for your comment, we tried reaching out via email but our email bounced, could you please confirm your email so we could help you with your earrings?