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5 Interesting Ring Types You Should Consider

Written by Annabelle
September 14, 2018

5 Ring Types To Consider

It’s hard to find another piece of jewelry that’s as expressive as the ring. These simple bands are literally prehistoric in origin, and over the centuries they’ve evolved for different meanings and uses. Of course, the first idea that comes to mind is the classic engagement ring, but there are other ring types out there that also have significant symbolism. Read on to find out more about these unique rings and why you should get one!

Claddagh rings


A Claddagh ring, engraved with love, loyalty, and friendship.

A type of ring dating from 17th century Ireland, this distinctive ring has a sweet meaning. Claddagh rings were initially a form of engagement ring, but over time it changed to also incorporate friendship and loyalty. Depending on how the ring is worn, you can determine the meaning of the Claddagh ring to the wearer. For example, if someone wore it on the right hand pointing out towards the fingertips, that person is looking for a partner. Consider it a more subtle and romantic way to indicate that you’re single instead of creating an online dating account!

Signet rings


This beautiful signet ring was probably hand-engraved with the owner's initials.

Signet rings have roots in ancient, elaborate civilizations such as the Byzantine empires. They were formerly created as a way to easily carry seals, which were used for marking important documents with melted wax and the insignia of the wearer. This usage carried on even into the Victorian era, where it became more common to use signet rings as a form of personalized initial jewelry than a wax stamp. Nowadays, they’re an elegant throwback and can be worn by both men and women.  

Puzzle rings

A quirky yet ingenious type of ring, this piece is made of multiple rings interlocked together. When placed correctly, the rings form one intricate-looking piece. A funny legend is associated with this ring; a husband would place one of these on his wife’s hand to ensure she wouldn’t commit adultery. If she took it off, it would be near-impossible for her to reassemble it, which would let him know she had been fooling around. However, since actual puzzle rings aren’t difficult to reassemble, there’s some doubt as to the validity of that story. Some people now prefer to wear “fake” puzzle rings. These rings look like an assembled puzzle ring, but the individual pieces are soldered together.


This antique puzzle ring twists apart to display its engravings.

Poison rings

This particular ring’s background is undeniably steeped in intrigue; originally created in Asia for holding trinkets, it became popular in 16th-century Europe for its design. The ring has a small hollow chamber, so it was often used to store poison so that someone could discreetly slip it into a drink as they passed their hand over the glass. Today, it’s (hopefully) not used for such sinister purposes, and has often been rebranded under a less malicious name as a “locket ring.” That being said, the exotic reputation of the poison ring still appeals to a wide audience.

Watch rings

A cute twist on the watch! Watch rings are itty-bitty rings that have a working watch face instead of a stone. While they appear to be a relatively modern invention, watch rings have apparently been around since the 1500s. Vintage ones will often have exquisite details such as arabesques and enameling, while more recent ones are simple in construction. These make great gifts for people who dislike wearing watches, especially if they’re typing all day at work.

Rings are such a versatile component to any jewelry collection; how could you possibly miss out on any of these ring types if you’re a true jewelry aficionado? Let us know which ring you like the most in the comments below!

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