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Feel Good Jewelry: How Accessories Can Boost Your Mood

Written by Anna Currell
April 21, 2023

Accessorizing isn’t just about adding the finishing pieces to your outfit — it can also have a profound impact on your mood and overall sense of well-being. Just like you might have a feel good playlist for days when you need a pick-me-up, you can make the same positive change with feel good jewelry. In this article, we’ll explore the psychology behind how dressing a certain way can change your state of mind and discuss tips for how to accessorize to boost your mood.

The Psychology Behind Feel Good Jewelry

Our clothing choices can influence our mood, behavior, and even our performance; psychologists call this concept enclothed cognition. This is the idea that our clothing carries a symbolic meaning that can influence our psychological processes. For example, when we wear a new formal suit to our first day on the job, we tend to feel more confident and authoritative, which can positively affect our performance in the workplace.

Because what we wear can have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves, it also impacts how we behave. Have you ever heard the phrase “dress well, test well”? Some studies suggest that if you show up to an important exam wearing clothes that make you feel uncomfortable or just all around “blah,” you might end up scoring worse on your test than if you dress up a little. Getting dressed isn’t just about looking good — it’s also about feeling good. And feeling good helps you do your best, whether you want to ace a test to nail a job interview. 

Wearing feel good jewelry can help us achieve this mood-boosting effect. Our favorite jewelry pieces can carry a lot of meaning with them, reminding us of love and romance, friendship and companionship, family and ancestry, or even personal or professional achievement. When we wear jewelry that represents something important to us, it can pull us out of a funk by evoking positive emotions, like joy, pride, and gratitude. 


How to Accessorize to Boost Your Mood

Now that we understand the psychology behind how dressing a certain way can change our state of mind, let's explore some practical tips for how to accessorize to boost your mood:

Choose jewelry with personal meaning

When you wear jewelry that represents something meaningful to you, it can remind you of special moments and bring up positive emotions. For example, wearing a piece of jewelry that was gifted to you by someone special can make you feel loved and appreciated. Alternatively, wearing a piece of jewelry that you bought to celebrate a personal achievement like landing a new job can remind you of the pride and accomplishment associated with reaching that goal.

Experiment with different colors

Color can have a powerful effect on our mood; we often subconsciously associate colors with different feelings and emotions. For example, wearing red can help you feel confident and excited, while wearing blue might make you feel calm and relaxed. Experiment with different colorful jewelry to find the pieces and shades that make you feel the most positive emotions. You can go for multi-hued gemstones, bright enamel, funky fabrics and textiles, acrylic charms, and so much more; look for combinations that suit your personal style.

Wear jewelry that complements your outfit

You don’t have to choose between a feel-good outfit and uplifting accessories… go for the whole kit and caboodle! Wear mood-boosting jewelry paired with an outfit designed to lift your spirits. When you wear jewelry that complements your outfit, it can make you feel more put together and polished. For example, wearing a necklace that fits well with your top’s neckline can make you feel more cohesive and put-together, giving you a sense of confidence.


Choose jewelry that’s comfortable

Jewelry that is uncomfortable to wear can have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re constantly fidgeting with your jewelry or feeling weighed down by it, or if it’s pinching or squeezing your skin in uncomfortable ways, you can end up feeling irritable and distracted. Choose jewelry that’s comfortable and easy to wear so that you can focus on feeling good and move through your day freely.

Don't be afraid to mix and match

Mixing and matching different pieces of jewelry can be a fun way to express your creativity and boost your mood. Experiment with layering necklaces, stacking bracelets, and mixing different metals and textures to create a new look — you can even go for the maximalist trend to really shake things up. The novelty factor of wearing a new combination, even if the individual pieces aren’t new to you, can give you a little bit of excitement and put you in a good mood.

Feel good jewelry can make a big difference in your attitude, your day-to-day emotions, and even your sense of self. By understanding the psychology behind how dressing a certain way can change our state of mind, we can choose jewelry that evokes positive emotions and makes us feel good about ourselves. Which jewelry means the most to you? Which makes you feel your best? Whatever pieces you choose, be sure to take good care of them with regular polishing services; then your jewelry can shine as brightly as you do.

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