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All About the Maximalist Jewelry Trend: More is More

Written by Anna Currell
March 23, 2023

You may have heard of minimalism, but have you ever explored maximalism? If you’ve already guessed that these two trends are complete opposites, you’re correct. Where minimalism is all about doing less, maximalism is all about doing more. Where minimalism is about creating empty space, maximalism is about filling up whatever space is available. Curious about the maximalist trend? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s learn all about the elements of maximalist style and look at how to wear maximalist jewelry

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is a style that embraces excess, boldness, and extravagance. This style uses an abundance of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes, often through an eclectic mix of pieces that come together to create a visually striking and dramatic effect.

As far as jewelry goes, maximalism is often associated with statement pieces that are meant to be immediately noticed. Maximalist jewelry designs tend to be large, bold, and complex. Maximalist pieces may include oversized necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that showcase intricate details and elaborate designs. Maximalism often incorporates a mix of different materials, like colorful beads, leather, metals, and crystals, as well as unconventional materials like feathers, leather, and even textiles. 

You can always wear maximalist jewelry as a standalone statement piece, allowing it to take center stage in an outfit. But in the truest expression of maximalism, more is more.


The Elements of Maximalist Jewelry

There’s no one right way to accomplish the maximalist jewelry trend. In fact, one of the perks of this fun trend is how many exciting options it presents. To give you an idea of what maximalism can look like (and to give you a little inspiration for how to nail this trend on your own), here are some of the main elements of maximalist jewelry:


Maximalists love to incorporate multiple layers in the same look. This can take the form of a set of bangles, stacked rings, or the ”neck mess” layered necklace trend. You can also achieve this look with one necklace that contains many different strands in one bunch, all secured by a single clasp. 

Bold colors

You won’t find subdued shades of beige in maximalism; we’re talking lots and lots of bold colors all mixed together. You’ll find that lots of maximalist jewelry incorporates brightly colored beads, enamel, e-coating, and gemstones

Interesting textures

To get the most out of the maximalist jewelry trend, mix up the textures you include in your jewelry combinations. Wear metals, charms, feathers, pearls, chains; more is better!

Funky shapes

Where minimalist pieces tend to stick to simple, geometric silhouettes, maximalist pieces veer toward eclectic and non-traditional shapes. Squiggles, spikes, spirals, and any other intriguing pattern you can think of belongs in a maximalist collection. 

Big sizes 

A staple of the maximalist jewelry trend is the oversized accessory. Even if your pieces convey a more conventional style or use traditional materials and simple textures, an oversized version can immediately turn your look into a maximalist statement. 

bakelite bangle bracelets

How to Wear Maximalist Jewelry

Once you’ve gotten your over-the-top pieces picked out, here’s some guidance about how to style your maximalist jewelry:

  • Pair your bold jewelry with an even bolder outfit: If you’re going to wear a neon utility jumpsuit punctuated with an exciting pattern, some jewelry trends might say to keep your accessories simple. Not maximalism! Find your brightest and biggest abstract earrings to pair with your outfit, and maybe pile on some rings while you’re at it. 
  • Mix and match your maximalist pieces: While you’re playing with size, don’t stop at one statement piece… or even two. Combine your chunky rings, oversized earrings, cuff bracelets, and broad collar necklace all into one daring look. The interesting and dynamic combinations of different pieces is a signature part of the maximalist trend. Experiment with your options and have fun!
  • When in doubt, wear more: Coco Chanel recommended taking off one thing before you leave the house; this is an opportunity to shun that advice and add an extra item instead. Maximalists might say to keep your charm collection by your keys just in case you need to reach for another piece before you step out into the world. Layer on jewelry until you feel like you’ve hit the look you’re going for — don’t be shy.

How will you wear the maximalist jewelry trend? You’ve got so many ways to explore and experiment with the “more is more” mentality. Be sure to take good care of your oversized and funky pieces by storing them properly, wiping them gently with a soft cloth after each wear, and taking them to be professionally polished twice a year so they’ll make a sparkling statement every time you reach for them. 

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