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A Quick Guide To Brooch Conversion

Written by Annabelle
June 3, 2020

Brooches are the most awkward things to deal with when you’re not really into wearing them. Then again, you might really like the design or keep it around as a sentimental heirloom from a relative, so what to do when it’s just sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box? We have a quick guide to brooch conversion that might just help you out.

What To Do With a Brooch

Brooches are fairly simple in terms of construction. They’re just a design with a little pin at the back that allows you to clip it onto an article of clothing. 

This simplicity means that it’s very easy to change a brooch into something else, like a pendant or a ring. All the jeweler has to do is snip off the pin component and modify the design to your liking. Here’s how the process works.


Brooch to Pendant Conversion


A gold fill brooch that was converted into a necklace with a matching gold fill chain

After removing the pin, the jeweler polishes the back to the best of their ability, and attaches jump rings or bails to construct the necklace. Depending on how you want to wear the design, the jeweler can do the following:

  1. Attach a loop at the top of the design to hang the pendant off a chain
  2. Attach two loops to either side of the design and attach chains on each end so it stays put in one location.
  3. Attach two loops to the back and thread the chain through, creating a slider pendant.

Brooch to Ring Conversion

pin to ring before and after

This brooch was converted into a ring.

The jeweler can convert a brooch into a ring in one of two ways. If the brooch has a stickpin component, you can save on some money and request the jeweler to use that stickpin and bend it into a ring, while removing any other unnecessary components from the back of the design. Keep in mind that the size will be limited by the stickpin; if you need a bigger size than what the stickpin can accommodate, you won’t be able to use this method for the conversion.

In that case, the jeweler will supply a new band for you, and attach the design to the front of the band. This can be done by soldering the design straight on top, or cutting the band open in the front and attaching it to either side of the design.


Cost and Turnaround Time

It’s typically $55 for a brooch to pendant conversion, and the price will increase if the jeweler has to supply a chain as well. As for the ring conversion, it can be around $60 for a stickpin band or up to $180 if the jeweler has to supply the ring.

Turnaround time for these conversions take around 1-4 days, unless if specific chains or bails need to be sourced which will increase the turnaround time.


Now you’re all set on brooch conversion! Have something you want to switch up? Comment below and we’ll help you get started.

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I have a southwest style pendant that I would like to turn into a brooch. It is silver and turquoise with silver danglies on the bottom. Due to the uneven shape of the pendant I am not sure that a typical pin back will work. I was tyring to think of some way to use it with the bail on it but am at a loss as to how to do it. Can you suggest anything please?
Thank you,