A Gem By Any Other Name


We’ve all heard the classic Shakespeare quote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” from Romeo & Juliet.  But does that principle apply to gemstones?  Today, we’re taking a look at some gemstones with misleading trade names to see if the quote rings true in all scenarios. 1.  Green amethyst – while we love this green gem, … Read More

Summer Jewelry Care Tips


With the hot weather fully upon us, it’s easy to accidentally damage your jewelry simply by taking part in our normal day to day lives. But at Quick Jewelry Repairs, we have you covered! Here are our top 6 do’s and don’ts for keeping your gems gorgeous this summer! DO keep it clean! Wiping down your jewelry after every wear … Read More

Accessorizing For Interviews

We’ve all been there. It’s the night before the big interview and you’re planning your wardrobe for the next day. But as you lay out your outfit you wonder…are these earrings too much? Is that necklace too chunky? What do these pieces say about you? Here are some dos and don’ts to making a great first impression: 1. DO think … Read More

Ring Sizing


Have you ever had a ring given to you that just wouldn’t fit? Maybe it was a present from someone you love who just wasn’t sure of your ring size. Or maybe it was a family member’s that means a lot to you, but that is just too big for you to put on without worrying that it will slip … Read More

Jewelry Stamps: What Do They Really Mean?

jewelry stamps

Many of us have seen the small numbers or letters engraved inside a ring band or near the clasp of a piece of jewelry that we own.  But how many of us understand what information those stamps are actually giving us? In this post, we’ll walk through the different stamps, what they mean, and what you need to know about … Read More