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Fixing a Bent Ring: Ring Reshaping vs. Ring Shank Repair

Written by Annabelle
April 23, 2020

It can be confusing to go about getting a bent ring repaired, especially if you’re not sure about jewelry terms and what exactly you need. This is definitely the case for a lot of our clients when it comes to choosing ring reshaping and ring shank repair. What do these services do and what do you need for your item? Read on to learn more.

What is Ring Reshaping?


This gold ruby ring had a bent shank that was easily hammered back into shape.

Ring reshaping is the process of returning your ring back to its original shape by rounding it out. This service is for bent rings that still have an intact band. The jeweler fixes the ring by sliding it onto a mandrel and hammering it back into a circular design before sending it to polishing and cleaning.

What is Ring Shank Repair?

Ring shank repair is a general term used to describe several different repairs involving the back of the ring (also known as the shank.) This service is best used for bent rings that have an overly thin or cut shank. Here are a few variations of ring shank repair below:


A ring being soldered at the shoulder area.

  1. Shank soldering: If the ring was cut at the back due to a hospital visit or similar events, the ring now has a gap at the back. The jeweler simply solders it shut, polishes the area to remove any signs of work, and restores the ring back to its original closed structure.


    A ring before and after half-shank replacement. Note the difference in thickness.

  2. Half shank replacement: Sometimes a ring is too thin at the back, requiring a half-shank replacement. The jeweler cuts off the thin part of the shank, and attaches a thicker portion to the rest of the ring. Then the ring is soldered shut, closing off the circle and strengthening the integrity of the item.


    This turquoise ring was fully separated from the shank.

  3. Full shank replacement: This procedure is only used when the ring is severely damaged all around, or the client wants to make a complete aesthetic change to the design of the ring. The front design of the ring is removed from the entire band, and a completely new band is attached to the design to form a new ring.

Assessing Which Repair You Need

Now that you have an understanding of what ring reshaping and ring shank repair entail, you can evaluate your item and see what you need.

If your ring is just bent in and doesn’t have any cracks or splits, you’ll just have to get it reshaped. If your ring has a cut at the back, you’ll need shank soldering. For items that are both cut and out of shape, you’ll need both services. 

Half and full-shank replacements are done on a case by case basis, and you can have a jeweler evaluate the item to see if the ring is in need of a replacement by assessing its thickness and overall structure. 

Cost and Turnaround Time

Ring reshaping is a fairly simple process, so it typically starts at $29 for sterling silver and takes only 1 day. For tougher metals such as stainless steel, expect a higher price and longer turnaround time.

Ring shank repairs vary depending on the type of repair. Shank soldering is fairly simple and takes 1-2 days, but shank replacements are significantly more expensive and time consuming. For a 14k half shank it can range from $120-$180 depending on the thickness of the item, and may take 3-5 days. 

Now you’re all set to get started on repairing a bent ring! If you need a professional opinion, comment below and we can help you with an evaluation. 

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