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sapphire ring

Unconventional Engagement & Wedding Ring Options

Diamond rings have been an engagement tradition for a long time, but maybe not…


4 Ways to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Is it time for a wedding ring upgrade? Ready for something new? While engagement…

5 ways to upgrade your wedding set

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Wedding Set

The engagement and wedding rings that make up your wedding set are supposed to…


Why You Should Consider Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Looking for the perfect sparkler as an engagement ring but not too sure about…


6 Engagement Ring Trends to Watch in 2019

Engagement season is rolling in right after summer, so right now is the best…

Picking the Right Engagement Ring

How Do I Pick the Right Engagement Ring?

Buying a ring for a fiancee is quite the momentous occasion, both psychologically and…

ALTR Created Diamonds eco-friendly engagement rings

5 of the Coolest Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

Even though it's hard to tell, spring is right around the corner! And while…

what do you do if you hate your engagement ring?

10 Things to Do if You Hate Your Engagement Ring

Getting a proposal is a big deal!  However, we all have our personal tastes…

learn more about the history of wedding ring

Why Do We Wear a Wedding Ring on the Left Hand?

If the average American were asked which finger the wedding ring is worn on,…