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Top 3 Questions to Ask When Getting Jewelry Repaired

You’re in need of a jeweler to repair a keepsake watch or restore an…


Bought Jewelry Online? Here’s How To Get It Repaired

With 211 million Americans shopping online in 2016, it’s clear we love buying online.…


Jewelry & Watch Finish Types

One of the many questions we get at the Quick Jewelry Repairs headquarters has…


Jewelry & Watch Appraisal – What To Look For

As an online jewelry and watch appraisal destination, we often get questions about what…


Engraving: Cost & Other Things To Consider

Our online engraving services are very popular with people across the country who have…

Standard Repair Timelines & Exceptions

So you found the site and want to send us a piece of jewelry…

jewelry repair items explained

Metal Work, Engraving, & Appraisal Terms Explained

A few of our customers wanted a better understanding of the jewelry repair terms…

jewelry repair items explained

Watch Repair and Jewelry Maintenance Terms Explained

In today's post, we're going to continue on with our discussion on the different…

jewelry repair items explained

Ring Repair and Jewelry Maintenance Terms Explained

We figured out that our customers are having difficulty figuring out what category their…