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3 Ways to Fix a Bolo Bracelet

Written by Annabelle
November 8, 2019

Bolo bracelets are a classic favorite! Thanks to their adjustable design, they can be enjoyed by people with wrists of all sizes. However, their design also confuses a lot of our customers when the bracelet breaks. Learn more about bolo bracelet repair here.

What is a Bolo Bracelet?

A bolo bracelet is a bracelet designed with a slide that allows for adjustment. The slide holds together two ends of the bracelet, and can go up and down to release or restrict the amount of chain available. This increases and decreases the diameter of the bracelet.

While this innovative design is great, it comes with its own unique issues. Incorrectly pulling the slide can cause it to malfunction, leaving you with a bolo bracelet that doesn't adjust. Tugging too hard can also break the bracelet's chain. To fix these issues, you'll have to find a jeweler who can handle this type of repair.

Bolo Bracelet Repairs

  1. Fixing a malfunctioning slide: When the slide in a bolo bracelet breaks, the jeweler has to completely replace it. This is because of how the slide works. While the outer “shell” of the slide is usually metal, the interior has two little “channels” to hold the two ends of the bracelet's chain. Within those channels, there is a rubber stopper that prevents the chains from slipping out too much. Once it's been yanked out, or stops functioning, the jeweler cannot repair it.
    Keep in mind that if the slide has to be replaced, the jeweler may not be able to find a replacement that will match the original design of the bracelet. They can do their best to supply a replacement in the same metal, but if the slide is butterfly-shaped (as an example) or branded, those components will not be readily available for sourcing.
  2. Chain soldering: If the chain of the bracelet snaps, the jeweler can fix that with a quick soldering. Using solder, a easily melted alloy that matches the metal of your bracelet, the jeweler reconnects the two ends of the chain and “glues” them together with the solder. Depending on the chain, the jeweler may also snip open one link to hook it through the opposite end, and then solder the link shut.

    An emerald evil eye bracelet that needed a quick chain repair.

  3. Bolo bracelet conversion: If you're not fond of the bolo bracelet design anymore, then consider a bolo bracelet conversion. The jeweler can take your wrist measurement, remove the slide, and snip off the excess chain until the bracelet is the exact length for your wrist. Then the jeweler attaches a clasp of your choice (such as a lobster clasp) to one end, a jump ring to the other, and completes the conversion from a bolo bracelet to a regular bracelet.

    This bolo bracelet was converted to a regular bracelet with a lobster clasp.

Bolo Bracelet Repair Cost and Turnaround Time

The cost and time for a bolo bracelet repair depends on the work needed, the metal of the bracelet, and the components required. If it's a simple chain soldering, it'll start at around $20. A slide replacement varies based on the metal needed; if it's sterling silver, it will be comparatively cheaper to a bolo bracelet that requires a gold slide. Most of these repairs can be completed in a day, unless if the jeweler needs to source the slide from a supplier.

Now you're all set! If you have a bolo bracelet that needs repair, comment below.

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I need one repaired


Hi there, please let us know how we can further assist you. 🙂

Karri Warren

Looking to convert a silver bolo bracelet to lobster clasp


Hi Karri, Keep an eye out for an email from us! 🙂

Pamela Clipper

Need a bolo bracelet repaired the string broke and the bracelet only have the beads and the gold rectangular charm.


We’d love to repair your bolo bracelet! I’ve followed up on this directly via email 🙂

Rebecca Lynn Voss

By bolo bracelet just lost one of the stopper beads, are you all able to fix it? I couldn’t locate the missing bead.


We should definitely be able to assist on your bolo closure repair – I’ve followed up with next steps via email 🙂


My chain on the bolo bracelet watch is twisted around the other chain and it.wont come out


We can fix this! (Probably! 😁) I’ve followed up via email with next steps 😉