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Repairing Jewelry Stones: Stone Tightening vs. Stone Setting

Written by Annabelle
April 29, 2020

It can be difficult to figure out what repair you need when you notice something’s wrong with the stones in your jewelry! Do you need to set your stones or have them tightened? Here’s the difference: read on to learn more about stone repairs.

What’s the Difference Between Stone Tightening and Stone Setting?

Stone Tightening

Stone tightening is a service that ensures your stone is securely set in its setting without any movement. When a setting is weakened over time, a stone can start rattling around in the setting, increasing the risk of it falling out or getting damaged by the constant motion.

Depending on the style of the setting, the jeweler simply pushes in the metal around the stone and checks to see if the gem is resting within the setting properly. The jeweler confirms the setting is secure once the gem is no longer moving about.

It’s important to note that this service is for stones that are still within their setting. If a stone has completely fallen out, then you’ll need a different service.

Stone Setting


A cubic zirconia before and after setting.

For stones that have completely fallen out, you’ll need a stone setting repair. The jeweler takes the loose gem that fell out and opens up the setting. This resetting process is different for each type of setting:

  • Prong: The jeweler pries the prongs open, rests the stone in the area (ensuring the edges of the stone fit into the notches of the prong) and closes the setting.
  • Bezel: Depending on the bezel the jeweler may reset the stone from behind or add epoxy in order to secure the stone within the walls of the bezel setting.
  • Channel: The jeweler opens up the channel, resets the stone, and closes it, testing to make sure the stone doesn’t wiggle after setting.

Other Jewelry Stone Repairs


This ring needed an emerald set.

If you’ve completely lost the stone that fell out of your jewelry, you’ll need stone replacement. This is a service that requires the jeweler to source a new stone and set it into your item. The cost of the repair will be the setting cost, in addition to the price of the new stone.

For damaged stones, a jeweler can examine the gem and see if the damage is superficial. Scratches and scuffing can be polished out to restore the look of the stone without needing to get it replaced.

Cost and Turnaround Time

Stone tightening and stone setting start at around $24 and $30, and prices will go up depending on how many stones you need to service and the metal of your item. These services typically take about 1-2 days in terms of turnaround time.

For stone replacement and polishing, expect prices to be higher and turnaround time to start at 1 week or more. 

Now you’re up to date on stone tightening and stone setting! If you have something you need to service, comment below and we’ll help you out.

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