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Sneak Peek of What’s New

Written by Annabelle
March 11, 2020

Some of you might have noticed that over the last week and half we had a sneaky makeover! We’ve been testing a few things in preparation for the launch of our new site. Learn more about what we’ve been working on.

New Site, New Look, New Features

While we can’t give everything away yet, here are a few things about the new site that we’re eager to share with you!

New Site

The new site is designed to streamline the process of getting your items repaired! With feedback from our loyal customers, we’ve tailored our order placement and navigation for easy usage. Jewelry and watches can be tricky to work with, so if you’re not sure about what service you need, the site will now automatically generate recommendations based on the item information you provide.

New Look

We’ve changed our aesthetic! Quick Jewelry Repairs is going green in 2020, along with a new logo that represents our pledge to deliver excellent customer service. The “Q” in our name has been redesigned to resemble a hand giving a ring- a reference to what we do best!


New Features

  1. Updated Repairs and Pricing Pages

Our repairs and pricing pages are now filterable by item type and repair category! You can easily find services and prices by selecting the criteria you need.

  1. Easily Add More Services to a Specific Item in Your Cart

We listened to your feedback and we heard you! Now with the new website you can simply continue to check out, select more services for the same item, or add a new item to cart. If you have a ring that needs both enameling and ring sizing, you can add those services directly to that ring, and then add a new item, such as a bracelet, to your cart.

  1. Personalize Your Orders via Your Own Jewelry Box

All customers now have an online “Jewelry Box” linked to their account that keeps track of every item we’ve serviced. If you need to place a new order for an item we’ve previously worked on, you can simply go into your jewelry box and start a new order based on that item.

We’re looking forward to launching our new site and will slowly be releasing updates to users in the coming weeks. We are interested in hearing your feedback before we go live, please email us if you would be interested in becoming a beta tester.

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