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Back to School Jewelry: Which Pieces to Wear to Class

Written by Anna Currell
September 7, 2023

It's back to school season again! As you prepare your new outfits and shop for supplies, don't forget about accessories that can elevate your look. The right jewelry can pull together an outfit, express your personal style, and give you an extra boost of confidence on the first day of class. Here are some tips for choosing back to school jewelry that’s appropriate and exciting at every age.


When it comes to jewelry for preschoolers, safety is most important. Try to avoid any pieces of jewelry that contain small parts (like beads or gemstones) that could get lost, or worse, become a choking hazard. Instead, opt for pieces that are made of soft, flexible materials like silicone, felt, or plastic, and make sure none of the pieces are sharp. Be sure to choose pieces that can easily come undone — for example, a necklace fastened with magnets. This way, if your toddler is always on the go and has a tendency to get snagged or caught on their surroundings, their jewelry will pop right off instead of tugging or leading to injury. If you’re uncomfortable about sending your preschooler back to school with jewelry, save it for special occasions instead. 

what's the best jewelry for kids

Elementary School

As kids get a little older, inviting them to participate in their jewelry choices can increase their sense of responsibility. Ask for their opinion when selecting items like bracelets or necklaces, and if they have their ears pierced, look into simple studs that highlight their birthstone or other personal elements that they can connect with. Elementary school includes a wide range of ages, so if your kiddos are still on the younger side, keep in mind those safety precautions we outlined for preschool jewelry. 

Middle School

In middle school, tweens are becoming more autonomous, starting to figure out their unique identity, and expressing their personal style for the first time. A customizable charm bracelet is a great investment at this age, because it lets young people exercise their creativity and experiment with new styles as often as they want without breaking the bank. Middle school is also a great time to start building a collection of capsule pieces that are made to last, like a pair of simple silver hoops that kids can learn to accessorize with most outfits. 

High School

Parents might want to treat their high schoolers to back to school jewelry, or if you’re a high schooler going back to school this fall, you might want to treat yourself. When you start saving up extra spending money, it can be exciting to lean into your independence. Choosing jewelry that feels true to you is important — and so is taking care of your belongings. Gold-plated jewelry is a great idea at this age; it looks identical to pure gold but it’s less expensive. 


Find a pair of small gold-plated huggie earrings or a gold-plated pendant necklace that you can easily take off and stash in your locker during sports practice. You should also get into the habit of taking off your jewelry before bed, wipe down each piece with a soft cloth, and store your jewelry in a dedicated pouch or box. Getting into a care routine will help you feel confident when you begin to invest in more valuable jewelry in the future. 


Heading off to college? There are exciting, formative years ahead. You can totally reinvent yourself and leave your high school look in the past, or freshen up your personal style with new pieces of jewelry that celebrate this next phase. Get permanent bracelets with your besties or exchange custom anklets engraved with the outline of your hometown. Lean into fun trends like cuff earrings, signet rings, or chunky charm necklaces. If you’re on a budget, look at platforms like Etsy where you can shop from independent artists who might charge less than large companies and retail chains. Have fun getting to know your new style, and don’t be afraid to experiment. 


As a teacher heading back to school, you’ve got a lot on your mind. But don’t forget that in between learning your students’ names and planning your curriculum for the semester, you can also have some fun getting ready for the year with cool accessories. As a role model for your students, you can show them that looking professional and stylish aren’t mutually exclusive. Express yourself and show off your sense of style while adhering to the school dress code — layering simple, textured necklaces or choosing fun, stackable rings are both great ways to demonstrate your aesthetic while keeping your look put together. Try to steer clear of jewelry that would distract from your teaching; those stacked, noisy, metal bangles are cute, but they might take away from your lesson when you’re drawing on the whiteboard. 



As a school administrator, you want to be approachable for students while still representing authority. Opt for pieces that make you feel like yourself but are appropriate for your office environment. You might have to enforce the dress code with your students, so setting a good example is important. At the same time, you want to show them that it can be fun to express yourself through your style. Choose a pair of elegant drop earrings or a delicate bracelet to add some polish to your outfit. Or have some fun and wear a brooch or pendant with the school’s colors to show off your school spirit.

The first day back sets the tone for a great school year. Finding jewelry that’s fit for safety, comfort, and expressing style is a great way to accessorize — just remember to respect your school’s dress code. Whether you’re heading back to the classroom or you’re sending off your kids, make sure that your back to school jewelry is ready for the first day. Get your jewelry professionally cleaned and polished; our team at Quick Jewelry Repairs will have your favorite pieces sparkly and ready for the semester in no time.

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