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7 Ways to Deal with a Disappointing Jewelry Gift

Written by Serena Norr
February 6, 2018

Jewelry is such a special gift to give to a loved one. A sweet way to show how much you care and adore someone in your life, there's so much consideration, thought and research that goes into making this big purchasing decision. So it can be a real bummer when you get a piece of jewelry, that's, well, disappointing. As such a personal extension of who we are (as well as our style!), we all want to rock pieces of jewelry that effortlessly and easily show-off who we are. Since gift giving isn't actually an art, we get that receiving pieces of jewelry that you don't love can be disappointing. Read on to check out 7 ways to deal with a disappointing jewelry gift.

How to Deal with a Disappointing Jewelry Gift

How to Deal with a Disappointing Jewelry Gift

1. Wear it and deal

While it might not exactly be your style, wearing a piece of jewelry that your friend or family member purchased for you is always a nice sentiment. Since you'll only be wearing it when you see the gift giver, it should be too much of a hassle for you but will mean a lot to the person who gave it to you. Who knows, they may even forget about it the next time they see you?

2. See if you can exchange it

Or maybe there are pieces that you simply can't bear to wear. Explain this (nicely) to your whomever gave you the piece, stating that the piece of jewelry isn't exactly your style but still would love to find something else from the same brand. Most people will understand as it's a super common, especially with gift giving.

3. Hide it away

Another option is to hide it (out of sight, out of mind?). While this does get the piece away from you temporarily, you might have to think about what you're going to say if your gift giver asks about the piece.

4. Give it to someone else

One person's junk is another's treasure. This certainly rings true with gifts like jewelry where someone else might love a piece that you loathe. Consider asking someone outside of your network with the gift giver to avoid any akward

5. Donate it

You can also opt to donate your piece where you pass it along to organizations like the Good Will or Salvation Army.

6. Sell it

You can also opt to sell your piece to an online reseller or second-hand store.

7. Enhance it

Or maybe your piece just needs some of your personal input to make it really shine! Consider engraving your piece or even adding a stone. Who knows,maybe with a few enhancements the piece might just be what you were hoping for.

It's super common to receive a disappointing jewelry gift. As the recipient of the gift, we hope that these tips will help you to deal if you should receive a gift that's not quite up you to your standards.



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