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Jewelry & Watch Finish Types

Written by Quick Jewelry Repairs
March 14, 2017

One of the many questions we get at the Quick Jewelry Repairs headquarters has to do with finishes. A lot of our customers don’t know what the different types are, or how to explain exactly what they want. So below we’ve broken down the most common watch and jewelry finish types in the industry, detailing exactly what makes them unique.

Types of Jewelry Finishes:

1. Polished
polished hoop earring

polished hoop earring

The most common type of finish for jewelry. This shiny and reflective finish is a great option. The one drawback is that the surface of these items gets scratched more easily than some other finish types. Because of this, more often cleaning and polishing are required.

2. Satin
satin finish necklace

satin finish necklace

The satin finish is matte, and therefore not very reflective. While fairly similar to brushed texture, this jewelry finish type does not clearly display a wire-brushing technique. This technique is used to reduce the luster of the surface and make the item less reflective.

3. Brushed
brushed finish ring

brushed finish ring

This finish is very similar to satin. However, unlike satin, this jewelry finish has a very clear brushstroke to the texture. Jewelry with this finish will not show scratches easily, making it a great choice for daily wear.

4. Hammered
hammered finish earrings

hammered finish earrings

A common choice for textured finishes, hammered jewelry showcases a dimpled design. Each piece looks like a hammer was taken to it to form the indentations. This style features a matte appearance, making it another excellent choice for those disliking polished looks.

5. Sandblasted
sandblast finish ring

sandblast finish ring

This coarse finish is a great choice for those who don’t like shiny jewelry. Each piece with this finish has a grainy texture, as if it has been rolled in sand. Luckily, no sand is actually required, so no extra cleaning is necessary!

6. Florentine

Florentine Finish ring via Blase DeNatale Jewelers

Considered one of the fancier finishes, Florentine styles consist of a cross-hatched pattern. Because this finish is so detailed, it’s commonly done by hand using tools instead of by a larger machine. This can increase the price of jewelry items with this finish.


Do you have a favorite watch or jewelry finish? Let us know in the comments below!

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