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Upgrade Jewelry For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Written by Serena Norr
February 9, 2018

The day of love is almost here. And for many that might mean shelling out the big bucks for a killer piece of jewelry; while others might opt for something simpler. While it's always nice to receive a piece of gorgeous jewelry, this Valentine's Day we have another option for you!

Why not fix or enhance your loved ones favorite pieces by getting them repaired? Getting their favorite piece repaired is such a new way to revive something that they thought would never see the light again or never had the time to repair themselves. Read on to check out the different ways in which you can upgrade your loved one's jewelry for Valentine's Day this year:

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Jewelry For Valentine's Day

1. Resize a Special Ring

Our bodies and even our finger sizes can fluctuate throughout the year. A nice gift is to have your loved one's favorite ring re-sized so they can rock it once again. This can include resizing a ring up or down to get that perfect fit.


A diamond solitaire ring sized down from a 7 to a 6.


2. Have a Piece Engraved

Another easy way to upgrade an existing piece is to have it engraved. We love this option as a way to personalize your favorite piece or loved one's piece, making it even more heartfelt and special. This can be completed on necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.


An Emi Conner Ring before and after engraving.

3. Fix That Broken Metal!

Broken chains are the worst! Getting metal work done for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day is such a thoughtful way to show how much you care. This can include everything from soldering a broken necklace chain and repairing their favorite earrings to replacing a broken lock.


Solder a broken chain like this one!

4. Fix a Watch

A broken watch is pretty much useless. Get your loved one's favorite watch repaired this Valentine's Day by having their band repaired, battery replaced, crystal replaced, a case refinished and more.


An Orrefors watch before and after battery replacement.

5. Prong Repair

Maybe your loved one's jewelry has a broken, flattened or frail prong. As the base of what holds diamonds or gems together, you need a strong prong to ensure that those precious stones stay put. For Valentine's Day, consider having the prongs in their jewelry re-built or re-tipped.


A sapphire ring before and after prong repair.

6. Clean and Polish Old Jewelry

Overtime, jewelry gets just plain nasty. From the grit to the grime, jewelry can start to look pretty dirty if you don't take care of it. For Valentine's Day, have your loved one's pieces sent in for jewelry maintenance where they can be cleaned, polished, plated, restrung or tightened.

jewelry polishing before and after

A ring before and after polishing and cleaning.

7. Replace That Missing Stone

Does your loved one have some old or missing stones in their favorite ring? Or is it time to upgrade the stone for a particular ring? You can fix that by setting new gemstones or diamonds in those prized possessions. This can be done to virtually any piece of jewelry necklaces, rings, bracelets, but it's not recommended for costume pieces or jewelry made with alternative metals.

gemstone setting

An aquamarine ring before and after setting.

We hope this list inspired you to revive your loved one's old pieces, giving them new life via a repair, cleaning or enhancement. There's really nothing better than being able to give a piece that your loved one thought was destined to live in their jewelry box forever ❤. Get started here!

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