5 Ways To Upgrade Your Wedding Set

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5 ways to upgrade your wedding set

The engagement and wedding rings that make up your wedding set are supposed to remind you of your special day for a lifetime. They’re tiny celebrations of joy and love that you can carry around with you everywhere you go. But that doesn’t mean they need to stay the way they were on the day you got married! There are … Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to Ring Restoration

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Rings are the most symbolic and prominent type of jewelry, and with good reason! They’re highly visible thanks to being on your hand all day and they’re equally prone to banging and rubbing against every item you touch. It’s no wonder why rings suffer the most damage when it comes to jewelry repair, so read on to learn more about … Read More

How to Fix A Crushed Ring

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Whether it’s by a car, an unfortunate mishap with your own foot, or even a forklift (yes, we’ve heard it all) getting a ring crushed is no joke. You may be looking morosely at your item thinking that it’s time to toss the piece and get a new ring, but hold on- there may be a chance to repair it. … Read More

The Definitive Guide To Cubic Zirconia Ring Repair

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Cubic zirconia is a great alternative stone for getting that desired diamond look without the extravagant price tag. But unlike a real diamond, cubic zirconia isn’t quite as hard and durable. This means that any ring made with cubic zirconia will have to come in occasionally for services such as stone replacement. Read on to learn more about cubic zirconia … Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Pearl in a Ring?

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Pearl rings are delicate, beautiful, and very finicky to take care of! Whether you’ve lost one of those gleamy globes or damaged it due to wear, it’s time to get it replaced. But pearls are a little more difficult to replace than diamonds or gemstones, as no one pearl looks the same, and prices can range from affordable to costly. … Read More

4 Ways to Restore a Class Ring

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At Quick Jewelry Repairs, we get a lot of class ring repair jobs for sizing and polishing. A recent piece we received, however, was a little different than the rest- it had been very lovingly worn, to the point where it needed extensive work. Read on to learn how we did this particular class ring restoration.

The Process of Class Ring Repairs

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Academic pride comes in a variety of forms; a graduation photo, a framed diploma, or a special class ring. These little jewels are the gleaming, shiny sign that you made it through a school- so what to do when they’re no longer gleaming and shiny? Here’s the rundown on how to get class rings fixed.

Upgrade Jewelry For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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The day of love is almost here. And for many that might mean shelling out the big bucks for a killer piece of jewelry; while others might opt for something simpler. While it’s always nice to receive a piece of gorgeous jewelry, this Valentine’s Day we have another option for you! Why not fix or enhance your loved ones favorite … Read More