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The Definitive Guide To Cubic Zirconia Ring Repair

Annabelle / March 3, 2020

Cubic zirconia is a great alternative stone for getting that desired diamond look without the extravagant price tag. But unlike a real diamond, cubic zirconia isn’t quite as hard and durable. This means that any ring made with cubic zirconia will have to come in occasionally for services such as stone replacement. Read on to learn more about cubic zirconia ring repair.

What Exactly Is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a crystalline solid form of a chemical compound known as zirconium oxide. While it can form in nature, the crystals are rare, making it far more practical for companies to artificially create them in laboratories at very affordable prices. 

The resulting stones are very sparkly, and can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The most common cubic zirconia stones are colorless, as an affordable alternative for diamonds. 

Common Cubic Zirconia Ring Repairs

Stone Replacement

Cubic zirconias are much softer than diamonds, and as a result they’re prone to scratching or breaking. Over time, a cubic zirconia on a ring can get scuffed to the point of cloudiness. Fortunately, replacing them is a simple matter! The jeweler simply checks the size and shape and matches the new replacement to the original stone, and then sets it back into the ring. This is the same process used for missing stones as well. On average, a cubic zirconia replacement can range from $30 to $60 depending on the size of the stone and the work required to reset it.


A cubic zirconia ring before and after replacement.

Prong Repair

Like any ring with stones, cubic zirconia rings need prong repair now and then too! Prongs are the itty bitty sticks of metal that hold your stone in. Since your rings are on your fingers and get banged against every surface you touch, these little prongs can snap off or wear down, leaving your cubic zirconia loose and exposed. 

To repair the prongs, the jeweler either retips them with a little bit of wire, or completely rebuilds them from the base of the setting if the entire prong is missing. Depending on the metal of your setting, this starts at $22.


A cubic zirconia before and after setting.

Ring Sizing

The most common repair for rings is ring sizing. You’ll be happy to know that cubic zirconias are actually the best stone in terms of sizing work, as they can withstand the process with no issues. The jeweler simply cuts open the ring and adds or removes metal accordingly. In the event that the design is more complex and requires special modification (such as an eternity ring), the stones can easily be removed and/or replaced as needed.


This eternity band was sized down one size by taking out one stone.

Now you’re up to date on cubic zirconia ring repair! Whether it’s a simple stone replacement or a ring resizing, you can rest assured that your precious piece is easy to fix. If you have a cubic zirconia ring you want to work on, comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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I want a replacement on my pendent was wondering if you guys can help me out please thank you !


Hi there, what type of replacement are you looking for?

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