A Guide to Jewelry Stainless Steel Repair Services


Stainless steel is a popular choice for a variety of jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. However, this durable metal is quite tough, and most jewelers don’t have the equipment to deal with it. So how do you go about finding a jewelry stainless steel repair service? Here’s what you need to know.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel is a popular jewelry metal for several reasons. It’s extremely strong, durable, and affordable. In addition, it has a very nice heft, or weight, and this makes it appealing to people who like heavy jewelry without the price of solid gold or platinum.

However, this metal is extremely hard and cannot be cut or worked with by regular jeweler’s tools. It requires extremely high heat to convert it into a malleable state, so most jewelers will not work on stainless steel. Fortunately, there are some places that provide jewelry stainless steel repair services.

Like Quick Jewelry Repairs, your best bet is to find a location that advertises itself as a stainless steel ring sizing service. If they can work with rings, they can work with any other item made from that material. You can also look for jewelers who can work with class rings; as most class rings are made out of stainless steel, they will also have the same capability to work with stainless steel jewelry.

Common Stainless Steel Repair Services

Stainless steel jewelry comes in a variety of forms thanks to its affordability in manufacturing. Based on common designs, here are some of the top stainless steel repairs we perform on a daily basis.

  1. Ring Sizing: The most common repair we get for stainless steel is ring sizing. After all, stainless steel rings are the best choice for active people, especially men who prefer a more durable material for their hands. Most class rings are made from stainless steel as well! To size, the jeweler simply cuts the back of the ring open and adjusts the ring up or down, adding or removing additional stainless steel. Then the back is closed and soldered shut, with the seam of work polished to remove signs of repair.

    A stainless steel ring before and after sizing.

  2. Enameling: This jewelry paint technique is used to apply detailing to the shoulders of class rings. The jeweler polishes the item, applies the enamel, and sets the enamel to cure in a high-temperature kiln. Once the enamel is hard, the process is finished!
  3. Chain Shortening: Stainless steel chains are equally hard to cut into and size as other stainless steel items. In order to shorten them, the jeweler uses stainless-steel equipment to cut open the links and solder the chain back at the correct length. This process is typically used for extremely thick Cuban or curb chains, as average jewelers will not be able to saw open the thick links.
  4. Soldering: Stainless steel earring posts can snap off the back of the earring design; fortunately, a quick laser soldering can repair the item and reattach the post. The jeweler buffs around the point of solder to remove excess residue.
  5. Polishing: While it’s significantly less prone to scratches and dents than other materials, stainless steel can get scuffed over time, especially if worn on the hand. Using the correct machinery, the jeweler can buff off the damage to the surface and restore the item to a shiny or matte polish.
  6. Engraving: Engraving on stainless steel isn’t as simple as engraving on silver or gold! The jeweler programs an engraving laser to penetrate the tough surface of the metal, carving into the surface to create the inscription or image.
  7. Gold Plating: A lot of stainless steel jewelry is gold plated, because the weight of the metal combined with the color gives off a similar feel to solid gold. Over time, this fades, requiring the jeweler to replate it. First, the item is polished and all original plating is removed in order to make sure that the surface is smooth. Then the item is dipped in either palladium or nickel, because stainless steel does not take to gold plating without preliminary chemical treatment. Finally, it’s gold plated to the desired thickness and color.

Now you’re up to date on what you need in a jewelry stainless steel repair service! If you have something made out of stainless steel that you want to repair, comment below and we’ll help you out.


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