4 Ways to Fix a Broken Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are a beautiful addition to anyone’s jewelry box- they look seamless, they showcase gems magnificently, and they’re absolutely classic in terms of style. When they break, however, they become a jewelry lover’s nightmare. Read on to learn how to repair a broken tennis bracelet.

Common Tennis Bracelet Repairs

Tennis bracelets are designed in such a seamless way that people panic when they break. Fortunately, they’re not that difficult to fix. Here are four common tennis bracelet repairs that we get on a daily basis.

  1. Clasp Repair: The type of clasp commonly seen on a tennis bracelet is known as a box clasp. So-called because it consists of a “tongue” that slots into a box, this clasp can be tricky to use and repair. Common complaints from our customers include loose clasps, malfunctioning figure-eights (the bits of wire on the outside that serve as latches for extra security) or too-tight clasps.
    Depending on the situation, the jeweler only has to make a few small adjustments to fix these issues, either by bending certain components, polishing off excess bits of metal, or widening particular areas (such as the figure-eights.) In extreme situations where the clasp is badly damaged, the jeweler will have to replace the clasps entirely.
  2. Chain Soldering: When a tennis bracelet actually snaps, it’s time to get it soldered. Fortunately, tennis bracelets are no different than regular chain bracelets when they break. All the jeweler has to do is carefully reconnect the two pieces with solder, a soft metal alloy that works like a “glue” in jewelry repairs. Then a quick polish, and the tennis bracelet is as good as new.
  3. Stone Setting and Replacement: If a stone falls out of your tennis bracelet, it’s not the end of the world. A jeweler can easily reset the stone and check to see if the setting is secure. If it’s a prong setting, chances are a few of the prongs need retipping or rebuilding in order to hold onto the stone more securely.
    If the stone is missing, the jeweler will examine the other stones in the bracelet in order to determine what characteristics the replacement should have. For instance, if it is a diamond bracelet, the jeweler will check the other stones for their approximate clarity, color, and size to get a diamond that matches the quality.
  4. Safety Chain Work: Some tennis bracelets come with a small chain attached near the clasp. This chain works as a safeguard; if the clasp accidentally loosens and slides open, the chain will prevent the bracelet from sliding off unnoticed. Depending on the client, we can either remove it, add it, or modify it so that our customer has the perfect “fit” for their bracelet.

Now you’re all set in terms of tennis bracelet repair! If you need your bracelet fixed, comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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i have 2 diamond tennis bracelets that need repair. One is broke in the middle and the other is missing the clasp. how much for the repair?