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Men’s Jewelry: How to Style It

Written by Anna Currell
November 28, 2022

There are no hard and fast rules about how to wear your jewelry, and you should always choose pieces that speak to you and feel authentically expressive. Categorizing jewelry and other accessories into men’s and women’s selections makes it easier for brands to sell their products, but you shouldn’t feel boxed in by those categories. Regardless of your gender and your style preferences, it can be hard to find (or know) what you’re looking for. If you’re specifically looking for men’s jewelry or you just want something that reads as a little more traditionally masculine, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know:

Tips for Styling Men’s Jewelry

There are all kinds of places you can shop for men’s jewelry. Some brands have lines designed specifically for men, or there are special Etsy shops that aim for a certain aesthetic. Our sister brand Miki & Jane has a special men’s jewelry collection with all kinds of masculine looks. No matter where you find your pieces, it’s important to start with an overall aesthetic approach — let’s look at some tips for styling your accessories.


Tip #1: Dress for the Occasion

Not every event will call for the same type of jewelry. Dressing for the occasion is a sign of respect to your hosts. Whether there's a dress code listed on your invite or you're just making an educated guess, take some time to consider the event and the venue before you settle on your attire and accessories. For instance, you might not want to pair a braided rope sailing bracelet with a tuxedo for a black-tie wedding, and you probably want to leave your luxury watch at home when you’re going to play pickup basketball. Consider your attire, the event, and practicality before you settle on your accessories.  

Tip #2: Balance Your Accessories

Accessorizing is a balancing act. There’s no right answer for how many pieces of jewelry to wear at any given time, or how to wear them. What works for you can vary from day to day or outfit to outfit; pay attention to where your necklace falls in contrast with your shirt’s neckline, or if your watch is visible with the length of your sleeves. Play around with combinations until you feel settled (a watch, a necklace, and two rings, for example) but keep in mind that too many pieces can detract from an outfit. Keeping it simple is always a good way to begin. 

Tip #3: Wear Your Pieces with Confidence

Whatever style you gravitate toward, remember that the most important accessory is confidence. Stay grounded in your style and take baby steps to branch out if you’re interested in trying new jewelry; trying too many new accessories or a whole new look at once can feel overwhelming. Take a few deep breaths while looking in the mirror before you leave the house to appreciate all the hard work you put into your oufit. Then own your style and enjoy your look! 

How to Style Men’s Jewelry

Just like with fashion, there are jewelry pieces that can match any overarching style. There is no limit to the kind of men’s jewelry you can find to suit your vibe: monochromatic, elegant, bohemian, rugged, rebellious… the list goes on. A good approach to building your collection is to start by finding a piece or two from every type of jewelry that you like to wear. That way, you can build different combinations for different occasions and moods. Here are some of our popular types of men’s jewelry and tips for how to style them:


For a more playful approach, opt for leather, woven threads, or beads, and for a more sophisticated look, go for a metal bracelet. You can stack similar bracelets together, mix and match styles, or wear one piece at a time, depending on the look you’re aiming for. Fewer may appear more elegant, while stacking gives a more casual vibe. Play around with your favorite pieces to find the right combination. 



Layered necklaces are trendy at the moment, so experiment with different combinations, lengths, and styles of necklaces that suit you. A staple strand (like a simple chain) is always a good option, but there are also plenty of ways to make a statement with your necklace. Look for striking pendants or less common textures and materials like leather, beads, or mixed metals.



The most practical of all jewelry is the watch. Watches are a staple accessory piece, and there are so many options to choose from, so spend some time conducting research before you commit. A leather or steel band, ornamental details or plain and minimalist, luxury or lowkey; you’ve got tons of choices. If you choose to wear a bracelet as well, try them on together first to get a feel for how they fit on your wrist (comfort is key). You might opt for putting the bracelet on your other wrist, or skipping it altogether; a watch is often a bold enough accessory on its own. 


Rings are for more than just matrimony; they’re stylish, expressive, and a lot of fun to wear. You can get an assortment to create combinations, or pick a favorite or two that are your everyday, go-to staples. Choose an interesting signet or class ring; class rings are especially personal and stylish. You could also find a classic brushed metal band, or a unique enamel ring to accessorize a look. Try to find rings that complement each other if you’re going to try a combo. This doesn’t necessarily mean the same types of material — you can totally mix metals or materials if you’d like — but try to aim for the same aesthetic.



If you want to make your look even more elegant, add some cufflinks to the sleeves of a dress shirt for a timeless, classy style. There are all kinds of cufflinks with different customization options: gemstones, diamonds, engravings, and more. Cufflinks usually belong in the “special occasions” category of accessories; wear them with a dress shirt, a luxury watch, and even a lapel pin for an elegant, black-tie-ready ensemble. 

Now that you’re equipped to shop for and style your jewelry, what look will you go for? If you can’t find something you love online or in a store, you can always make something completely unique to you. Schedule a consultation with one of our bespoke jewelry concierges to get started designing your very own custom piece of jewelry.

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