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How to Find the Best Diamond Shape and Size for Your Finger

Written by Anna Currell
January 26, 2024

Shopping for an engagement ring? Yay! Not only is a diamond ring a symbol of your love and future together, but it’s also a beautiful piece of jewelry that can express your individual style. Because it’s such a big investment and something you’ll likely wear every day, you want to be sure that you find an engagement ring that feels and looks great on you. In this article, we’ll explore how to find the best diamond shape and size for your hand based on your style, your fingers, and your lifestyle. 

Different Rings for Different Hands

From your nail beds to your fingerprints, every hand is unquestionably unique. The same ring is going to look different on different fingers, even between your own right and left hands. Aside from just making a unique visual match, every individual will have their own opinions about the ring shapes and sizes that are most comfortable. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your ring is perfectly suited to your sense of style, your daily activities, and your specific hand shape and size. 

Finding the Best Diamond Shape for You

Before you start shopping, get familiar with the different ring shapes that you can choose from. The most popular cuts are round, oval, princess, emerald, cushion, pear, heart, hexagon, marquise, trillion, baguette, and radiant. In addition to the differences in general shape, some cuts have more facets than others and the way those facets are distributed is also unique from style to style. Take a look at the differences in each cut:


For Short Fingers

If you want to elongate shorter fingers, go with a marquise or pear-shaped diamond. The extended shapes will make your fingers appear longer. By the same token, avoid wide shapes like the princess or cushion cut, which can make short fingers look even shorter.

For Long Fingers

Stick with round, emerald, or heart cuts that use symmetry to balance out the look of very long fingers. While elongated shapes like ovals can sometimes overwhelm long fingers, you have more wiggle room with wider diamonds like hexagon and radiant cuts.

For Wide Fingers

Slender emerald and trillion cuts are perfect picks for wide fingers, because they create a slimming effect. Avoid wide princess and cushion cuts, which can accentuate width. A marquise cut or baguette diamond set north-to-south can also help add balance and length to wide fingers.

For Narrow Fingers

If you have narrow fingers, cushion and oval diamonds work well, as their curves help add width. Princess and emerald cuts are also great choices, as their outlines make fingers seem wider. Stay away from narrow baguettes or very elongated marquise shapes, which will accentuate narrowness. Aim for a diamond with some width that makes narrow fingers pop.

Remember, these are just suggestions. What really matters is how you feel about how the diamond looks and feels on your finger. It might help to make an appointment with a jeweler to try on different rings and get a feel for the style you like best. 

Finding the Best Diamond Size for You

Once you’ve decided on a diamond shape that works for you, it’s time to decide how big you want the diamond to be. Take these factors into account:


What's your budget? Sit down with your partner and decide what you can reasonably afford to spend together. Then you'll know what diamond carats are feasible. As a general guide, small diamonds range from half a carat to one carat, mediums range from one to two carats, and large ones range from two to three carats (and sometimes higher). Take a look at different ring sizes that fall within your price range and see what size you prefer within that scope. 


Think about your job, hobbies, and lifestyle. If you lead an active lifestyle, you might actually like a smaller ring that won't get in the way, plus the smaller size might allow you to get a higher quality and higher carat diamond within your budget. But if you spend more of your time sitting at a computer or working in a fashion-forward industry or office, bigger and flashier might be the way to go. 

Your Style

Consider your own personal style when it comes to choosing your diamond size. A small stone has an understated, delicate style — if you tend to have a more rustic, bohemian, or classic style, a diamond under one carat might fit your look. A 2-3 carat diamond makes a bold, flashy fashion statement. If your look tends to be dramatic, glamorous, and maximalist, then a larger stone might suit your personal style more. 

The takeaway: take your time, try different shapes and sizes, and find the diamond that feels like it was made for you. Designing a custom ring is a great way to make sure every element of your diamond is perfect, including the best diamond shape and size for you. Your engagement ring symbolizes so much — let it reflect what’s unique about you. Focus on style, comfort, and what makes your hand shine, and you're guaranteed to pick the winner!

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