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4 Ring Solutions for Big Knuckles

Written by Annabelle
July 30, 2019

For all the ring lovers out there, big knuckles are the bane of your ring-loving existence. They just seem impossible to work with- they stop you from wearing your favorite rings, and when you finally get your band over the knuckle, it's too loose for that part of your finger. So what can you do, aside from sizing up and dealing with a wobbly ring or taking ten minutes to pry your wedding band off? Read more to learn about four ring solutions for big knuckles.

  1. Change the way you put it on and take it off: Everyone's instinct when it comes to wearing a tight ring is to tug and tug, which causes no small amount of redness, swelling, and frustration. Tugging doesn't quite work though; the best way to get a ring off is to relax your hand so it is slightly bent, with the skin over your knuckles lying smooth instead of wrinkled. Using your other thumb, push the ring from underneath so that a gap is created between the ring and your finger. Wiggle the ring in that position as you move it forward towards your knuckle. Continue wiggling back and forth and it should slip off easily once you've worked it over the knuckle.
    If this method is still difficult for you, lubricate your finger with a bit of lotion or cream to ease the process.


    There should be a gap between your finger and the ring when you attempt to take it off.

  2. Avoid thick bands: Thick bands are actually more difficult to take off than slimmer ones; due to the larger surface area you have less wiggle room to maneuver the ring over your knuckle and off your finger. To deal with this, you can have your jeweler perform a half-shank replacement to make the shank thinner if it can work with your ring's design.

    The large size of this particular band and ring design would be difficult for someone to take off.

  3. Opt for a large ring and a sizer: Some people swear by this method, and it can work wonderfully as an inexpensive and temporary solution. Size the ring so that it's large enough to fit over your knuckle, and compensate for the looseness on the slimmer portion of your finger by adding a ring adjuster, which is a light plastic coil that wraps around the band. The coil fills in the space between your finger and the ring, making it the correct size.

    A garnet ring with a temporary resizer

  4. Consider an adjustable ring: The range for these vary. You can opt for inexpensive sterling silver rings that are split at the back, or specially made “knuckle-friendly” bands that have unique hinges. For the knuckle-friendly bands, these are available in 14kt, 18kt, and platinum, allowing you to work with your higher-end pieces. Our jewelers specialize in installing these for our clients with large knuckles, particularly those who have arthritis. Keep in mind that due to extensive reworking and installation labor these special bands can be quite expensive, but well worth the investment in the long run. Out of all of the possible ring solutions for big knuckles, this is the most practical one.

    A Fingermate shank that opens up, allowing it to fit over a large knuckle.


Large knuckles might be annoying, but that shouldn't stop you from wearing your beloved jewelry. If you're interested in any of these ring solutions for big knuckles, such as changing the band or sizing the ring, reach out to us here.

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This is a great article my sister-in-law told me that this could be done. This is something that I will try I have three rings that I cannot wear.


Same here! Just had a stone pop out when opened my gate! Can’t find. So he has to cut ring off. But see can solder back bigger to fit over my big knuckles. Have two other rings want done to!!! WOW!!

Linda Langford

I have arthritic fingers, and have the “ finger shank” on one of my diamond rings Can’t tell u how happy I was to be able to wear a ring again after at least 10 yrs . It was very costly, but well worth it I’m wanting another ring or 2 done, but can’t find anyone who does this. We live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia x

Stefan Elie

Very good suggestions!