Ring Repair Services for All Your Needs

Looking for the best ring repair services? You're in the right place! Our mail-in ring repair services cater to all your ring repair needs, whether it's for resizing, reshaping, polishing, or more. With our expert jewelers, you can trust us with gemstone tightening, polishing, rhodium or gold plating, engraving, diamond setting, and much more. If you have any questions about our ring repair services, we're here to help!

Ring Repair Services for All Your Needs

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Ring Repair

ring unsoldering service

Ring Unsoldering Service

Professional Ring Unsoldering for Most Ring Metals If two or more of your rings are soldered together and you’d rather wear them independently, take advantage of our ring unsoldering services! We’ll delicately separate your soldered rings so that you can highlight each ring one at a time, or mix and match them to suit your mood, your style, or your outfit of the day. Ring unsoldering starts at $40, depending...

Starting from $55
ring soldering service

Ring Soldering Service

Ring Soldering - When two (or more) rings become one If you regularly wear both your engagement ring and wedding band, you might want to consider soldering the two rings together! Soldering your rings will prevent annoying slippage, improve the overall fit, and reduce natural wear and tear on both rings over time. This service provides the option to seamlessly solder two or more rings together into one seamless, beautiful...

Starting from $62

Ring Reshaping

Repair Your Ring to It's Original State Our best-loved rings endure a lot of natural wear and tear. If your favorite ring isn’t fitting quite right or the band is looking a little bent out of shape (literally), get it to a specialist! Our ring reshaping service returns your ring to its original state by slipping the piece onto a mandrel and hammering back into a circular design. Please fill...

Starting from $53
ring shank repair

Ring Shank Repair

Full Shank and Half Replacement The shank is the lower portion of a ring that goes around the finger, often referred to as the band. With regular wear, even the most durable types of metal will break down over time, causing the shank to grow thin and potentially crack or snap entirely. Our ring shank repair service restores rings back to their original state by soldering metal to the existing...

Starting from $45
prong rebuilding service

Prong Rebuilding Service

Prong replacement service The most common type of jewelry setting, prong settings consist of tiny pieces of metal that bend up and over the crystal or gemstone to keep it in place. These beautiful but delicate settings are susceptible to erosion and breaking, which dramatically increases the chance of losing a stone. Our prong rebuilding service adds metal to the site of the damaged prongs to effectively restore the original...

Starting from $29
prong retipping service

Prong Retipping Service

Prong Repair One of the most common type of jewelry setting, prong settings consist of tiny pieces of metal that bend up and over the crystal or gemstone to keep it in place. Constant friction between the stone and the setting gradually wears down the prongs over time, meaning that even the finest jewelry will need prong repairs at some point in its lifecycle. Our prong re-tipping service adds metal...

Starting from $29.00
ring sizing beads gold

Ring Sizing Beads or Bar

Alternative Ring Sizing Down Service: Ring Sizing Beads Enhance the comfort and fit of your beloved rings with our professional Ring Sizing Beads Service. Perfect for individuals with large knuckles, our skilled jewelers carefully solder small, unobtrusive beads inside your ring, allowing it to fit more snugly without altering the ring's appearance. This service is suitable for a variety of metals including gold, silver, platinum, white gold, and stainless steel....

Starting from $40