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father's day

4 Cool Jewelry Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day is coming up, and it's the time to celebrate the most special…


Why It’s Important to Know Your Invisible Setting

You might be browsing through a store, or you just got a lovely piece…


5 Jewelry Services as Graduation Gift Ideas

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Why Should I Plate My Fake Jewelry with Precious Metal? 

Everyone loves costume jewelry- it's affordable and comes in cute designs. But what to…


Synthetic vs. Natural Gems: What’s the Difference?

Manmade gems or natural gems? This question has been bouncing around the jewelry industry…


Ring Shank Repair: What Should I Do After I Get My Ring Cut Off?

This is the worst case scenario; your ring has gotten tighter and tighter to…


Ring Prong Repair: Why It’s So Essential For Your Jewelry

Most people don't really think about maintaining their jewelry, beyond the bare minimum of…


Necklace Bail Repair: What Is It and Why You Need It

Necklaces and pendants are really sentimental items to wear; people frequently touch them for…


Ring Resizing Turnaround Times – Infographic

If you've sent a ring off to get it sized up or down, you…