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Everything You Need to Know About Ring Head Replacement

Written by Annabelle
August 15, 2019

The head of your ring is essentially the focal point of the entire design- it's the part that holds the center stone, after all! Thanks to the fact that it protrudes out from your finger, it sustains a lot of wear on a daily basis. Over time, the head gets damaged and weak, requiring you to get a ring head replacement. Read on to learn more about this crucial process.

Why You Need a New Ring Mounting

There are multiple reasons as to why a new head is in order. The most important thing about the head is that it must securely hold onto your center stone, without fear of snapping off or losing prongs.

  • The head is weak: Bad casting, poor jeweler repairs, and long-time wear can affect the structural integrity of a ring. For this particular sapphire ring, it came in with signs of a terrible setting and resizing. The original head was mangled beyond repair; the prongs were matchsticks glued together with solder that melted at the slightest touch of the jeweler's torch. We unset the sapphire, removed the existing head, and replaced it with a brand-new one that had no prong issues.
  • The existing head will not hold your stone: Sometimes our customers get creative and they purchase beautiful stones for their ring, hoping to swap out the existing one. Many of them quickly realize that the original head may not be able to hold their new gem, due to size and shape differences. In this situation, ring head replacement is necessary in order to set the new stone into the ring.

    This ring needed an emerald set- you can see the head before and after stone setting.

  • The head is completely damaged: The absolute worst case scenario, but accidents happen! If your head is completely bent out of shape and ready to fall off, it's time for a new one.

    This pretty morganite ring was twisted when we received it.

The Ring Head Replacement Process

  1. Evaluation: The jeweler takes the ring in and checks it to assess the damage, or work required. This is an important part of the process, as some rings cannot be modified.
  2. Head Selection: Once the jeweler is finished evaluating the piece, they then consult with the client in regards to the head replacement. Some clients with damaged rings will opt for a head that looks the same as the original, while others may want to replace the head to fit a particular gem or change their ring's style. The jeweler will procure the head and base the final cost for the replacement off the head's value.
  3. Head Replacement: After the client has confirmed the type of head that they want, the jeweler proceeds to unset the existing stone and places it to the side. Then the existing head is cut and heated off with the jeweler's saw and torch. The new head is installed with either traditional soldering or laser soldering, and the stone is reset in the new head.

    This shank came in with a loose gem and no head. We supplied a head and set the stone.


Ring Head Replacement Cost

Replacing a head is not a cheap service! The jeweler has to source a new head for your ring that matches the dimensions of your stone. This new head is essentially a piece of precious metal, so the cost of the head will be included in the final price.

In addition, the labor work will add to the total cost. Removing the original head, attaching the new head, resetting the stone, and finishing the ring will all be included as well. You can expect an average head replacement to start at a minimum of $100.

Create a Custom Ring Mounting

Certain designs integrate the head and shoulders of the ring, making it impossible to remove and replace. If this is the case, the jeweler will need to offer custom creation as an option.
For instance, the client that brought in this ring wanted to set a .8ct moissanite into this setting. However, the setting was too small and the head could not be removed, as it was part of the design. We took the original ring and made a replica that would fit the larger stone.


The ring replication, with the original on the left and replica on the side.

You're all set on ring head replacement! It's important to check your ring for any signs of weakness, since this type of jewelry is the most prone to sustaining damage. After all, it's constantly on your hand, and your hands come into contact with many things throughout one day. If you need a ring head replaced, hit us up here.

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Can a ring head with multiple stones be removed and placed on totally new band? The head of my ring is perfect but the band is very plain and I want an eternity band..can the head be removed with the stones still in it?


I have a question, do you think you could email me for advice on this so I can send pictures. Thank you


Can a caged head that holds a center diamond and them multiple ones around for a cushion shape be removed from the old band and be replaced on a new band. Have a brand new engagement ring where Jared jewelers did a horrible sizing job and shaved down on side of the shoulder is my ring to remove a bunch of scraztches they created and a chip. I am so sad about my ring. The head is perfect though


Hi Ashley, thanks for reaching out! Could you please email us a picture with a description to [email protected]
Thank you, we can give you more details then!

brandi hayden

Not to be a weirdo but would you email me a picture too I’m very curious what that ring looks like it sounds very unique! [email protected]
Seriously, I promise I m not a weirdo 😆


I have a 18kt white gold ring with the peg head mount cast with ring portion. It looks as though it will fit a 3mm based on perimeter look but how much can that be pulled out or stretched the prongs part to accomodate a larger stone can it be used on a 4 or 5mm stone size maybe?


Hi there, please send us a picture to our email [email protected] for further assistance!


Can you change a cluster head for a single piece/rock?


Hi Norma, we’ll reach out to you via email with further details!

Nicole L Stoudt

Does the jeweler keep the old head and, if so, does the worth of that gold go towards the cost of the replacement?


We return all materials that are still intact and not burnt from soldering. The value of the scrap metal does not go towards the cost of replacement.


Can I have the head and diamond placed on another band and keep the small stones on the original?


Hi Erica, This should be possible! We’ll reach out via email with further details.


I am looking to change the diamond and head on my wifes wedding ring. right now it is a 6 prong yellow 14k gold head with a 2/3 c diamond. I am looking to replace just the head with a 4-prong platinum head and a 1.6 c diamond. What should this cost and can it be done. I did change the head before.


Hi Gene, Happy to help! We’ve reached out via email with further details.